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Can Current Workplace Strategy Deliver Workplaces That Attract Gen Z?

Hassan Shaikh explores some fundamental elements to consider when it comes to developing the workplace for Gen Z. 

5 Ways Workplaces and Workplace Designers are Adapting to Gen Z

Now that Gen Z makes up a sizeable portion of the workforce, RSP’s Shanti Okawa explains five major ways they’re making their mark on the corporate workplace.

Are We Losing Sight of How To Build a Better Workplace?

In the amenity arms race, the Perkins Eastman Design Strategy team shares a few ideas to build a better workplace.

Preparing Your Office for Gen Z

Susan Dwyer of Hendy explores the specific accommodations and features the office will need to prepare for Gen Z and younger generations.

How People-First Design Enables ALL People to Thrive in the Office

Yong In of Unispace share four ways employers looking to up their in-office attendance can consider taking a people-first approach to office design.

There is No “One Size Fits All” Solution to Design

Erica Fitts of FCA explores how offering choice and variety in an office plan can help all employees feel welcome.

Designing for Neurodiversity in the Workplace

Inclusive design recognizes the importance of creating environments that support a wide range of physical abilities and neurodiverse individuals. Spaces that respond to a wider range of needs, sensitivities and behaviors benefit everyone.

Top 10 Ways to Make People Feel More Comfortable and Productive at Work

Amie Keener of Gensler shares 10 steps to help ensure every individual using the space can thrive.

Designing Workspaces For All

Ryan Boe of SmithGroup explores the importance of broadening DEI to include neurodiversity and how this can benefit workplace design.

Three Keys for Designing Inclusive Workspaces

Perkins&Will's Helen Schneider and Jaclyn Guasco share three considerations for designers to keep in mind as they create inclusive spaces.

The Role of The Office in 2023 and Beyond

To design the office of the future, Jodi Williams and Susan Soehnlen of Arcadis share the four ways we must imagine it. 

Understanding Whole-Brain Design

Terri Zborowsky, Julie Mendoza-Lollar, and Heather Bachman of HGA share why designing for neurodiversity starts with understanding how people with different ways of thinking can feel comfortable in the workplace.

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