Advanced space management software

OfficeSpace’s space management tools help you monitor, manage, and forecast how your real estate is being used. Make smarter space decisions and optimize your workplace to suit everyone’s needs.

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Space planning tools


Forecast and plan like a pro

Create efficient office layouts that support employee needs and company KPIs. With powerful tools like stack planning, portfolio reports, and growth forecasts, it’s easy to plan your space and stay one step ahead of your future space requirements.

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Key features to manage your real estate portfolio

The best space management software improves the employee experience and streamlines the facility management process.

Advanced facility management workflows

All-in-one space management software makes it easier to generate efficient layouts, handle move management, effortlessly reconfigure floor plans, and improve the workplace experience.

Superior employee experience

Support employees with a workspace mobile app. Check-in, manage desk and room reservations, view floor plan layouts, see who’s in, and send requests in seconds from a mobile device.

Usage trends

Space planning software helps workplace management teams to identify trends and optimize space allocation. See how workspaces, desks, and rooms are being used and improve as needed.

Meaningful workplace data

Space planning reports eliminate guesswork for facility management teams. Make smarter decisions with improved forecasting tools, space allocation dashboards, and real-time workplace metrics.


Improve space utilization

Eliminate wasted space

Visualize occupancy and space utilization in real-time. Intuitive reports make it easy to identify wasted space, optimize and increase available space, and understand exactly how your entire workspace is being used.

See what’s working. Fix what isn’t.

Are your workspaces set up for success, or is there room for improvement? OfficeSpace gives you all of the tools and insights you need to see what’s working and optimize what isn’t, so you can create a better place for everyone.

Make better use of your budget

How much do your empty desks and space cost? See where your budget is going, so you can accurately forecast your space requirements and avoid expanding before you need to.

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The future is full of possibilities. It’s time to create a workplace without limits.

Get the space management software you need to create a safe, flexible workplace that supports every need. Book a demo and learn how OfficeSpace can help.