UnityWorks Hybrid Workplace by Teresa Uhl

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Emma Weckerling
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Meet 2023 Next Work Environment Competition student winner Teresa Uhl and her ‘UnityWorks’ submission. Teresa is expected to graduate from Rochester Institute of Technology with a degree in Interior Design in 2024. Keep up with what’s next for Teresa by following her on LinkedIn!

We connected with Teresa to see how her submission has evolved since entering the competition:

Teresa: Since I submitted my project, I have found that I better understand the need for both collaborative spaces among coworkers and individual pods for privacy. I made these discoveries during my internship this past summer when I realized that our typical cubicle system was not ideal for everyone. People could not find private places to take meetings or focus on their work which is a huge part of the digital world we live in today. This allowed me to reflect on the ideas integrated into my hybrid workplace “UnityWorks”, and revisit furniture layouts to ensure there was equal opportunity for public and private workspace.

Check out the slideshow and summary of the submission below:

Rochester is home to an ever growing community of creative professionals who continually evolve the artistic nature of the city. The Hungerford, a multi-tenant building rooted in downtown Rochester, has been home to a number of blossoming artists throughout the years. As the arts expand within the digital age and with remote media jobs becoming the norm, the need for an innovative, hybrid work space becomes more pertinent.

The niche co-working space, UnityWorks, highlights the creativity of the existing artists within the Hungerford while providing digital creators a playful space to work. Membership to the co-working space allows one to choose their hybrid work flow and their own schedule as one feels they will be most productive.

Options for both individual and collaborative work space are accommodated with digital monitors and pin-up space to facilitate a productive work flow. Furniture of different shapes and sizes creates a playful environment and invokes a sense of creativity among users. The use of biophilia and acoustic control methods foster a comfortable environment for members. Amenities available to members range from a full-service café to a fitness center to an art gallery where one can display their work. Unityworks fosters a modern work experience that challenges the typical workplace through the integration of remote work within a collaborative environment.

Special thanks to our 2023 Innovative Brand Partners:

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