Expand Your Workplace Horizons with Onsite Media Tables by Three H

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Emma Weckerling
Emma Weckerling
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Created with versatility in mind, the Onsite Media Table by Three H boasts a sleek and modern structural design that is perfect for any space.

As the world continues to try and find a balance between work and home life, many organizations are finding value in working from third places. Third places – an alternative to the workplace or home when neither is the best option for work – have emerged as one of the most influential environments in workplace design.

We are seeing many companies today expand their square footage to include third places within their workplace, often inspired by cafés, libraries, or coworking spaces, to better support collaboration, socialization, and individual work. Open plan spaces looking to provide employees with a space to support collaboration, comfort, and autonomy need to look no further. This is where the Onsite Media Table by Three H is the perfect solution.

With its innovative features and versatile offerings, Onsite Media Tables empower users to create a customized work environment that meets their unique preferences and needs. Designed to mimic the organic movement and friendly atmosphere of a coffee shop or an upscale bar, Onsite exudes a humanistic feeling of relatability and connection, as shown through soft edges and collaborative surfaces.

Onsite is the perfect solution to any open plan design with limited rooms for in-person or virtual collaboration. One of the key benefits of Onsite is its ability to live anywhere within a space and not be limited to specific rooms or sizes. These tables are meant to be a place for connection, whether it’s for heads-down work or meeting with those offsite.

Get to Know Onsite’s Features

Onsite boasts a sleek and modern structural design that offers the convenience of integrated cable management for both power and data. You can create a personalized and stylish addition to your workspace by mixing materials that fit flawlessly into your design scheme, including PET felt.

Onsite offers a wide variety of finishes so you can really make the piece your own.

Each table features elegant aluminum proprietary Wishbone legs in a curated palette of powder-coated finishes. The leg’s primary support is a cast connector that can be used across the entire collection, reducing the overall inventory required and providing a cost-effective solution without compromising design or quality. Also, 80% of materials are sourced within 500 miles of the Three H factory.

Rather than regular levelers, Onsite features a proprietary designed glide that mirrors the stylistic design of the leg itself. From the ability to mix materials to the variety of finishes and cost-effective Wishbone design, each table offers a solution that fosters productivity and connectivity in an open-plan environment.

Onsite features a hidden power trough and a proprietary custom glide that’s seamlessly integrated into the Wishbone leg.

The product is available in three different applications, Applique, Wall-Mounted, and Freestanding.

Onsite Applique

Finished in the back and less than three inches thick, the Applique Wall transcends functionality, giving you the freedom to easily move the product within open-plan spaces, where walls and media spaces are limited. The thinness of the Applique wall and the overall lightness of the materials also keep shipping costs low!

Onsite Wall-Mounted

Smaller meeting spaces are no big deal with the wall-mounted option. Whether you have a TV mounted on the wall or not, this compact solution offers generous functionality. Easy access to power outlets keeps your devices charged and ready for presentations or collaborative sessions. If you’re seeking a touch-down space to quickly connect or a heads-down space to focus on work, rest assured the Onsite wall-mounted table is available in a size that fits just right.

Onsite Freestanding

The freestanding table combines tabletop finish options with budgeting flexibility, including TFL and HPL.

Meet the Design Team

Onsite was designed by Aaron Duke and Paul Mazotta of Studio Black Box.

Aaron Duke and Paul Mazotta

Experience Onsite in Person

Visit the Three H showrooms in Chicago & Toronto. Get in touch with a rep here.

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