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Create a hybrid workplace without limits with OfficeSpace, the world’s most powerful all-in-one workplace management platform. Companies like Squarespace, DocuSign, and the Boston Consulting Group leverage OfficeSpace to deliver an exceptional hybrid workplace experience.

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What can you do with OfficeSpace’s intuitive features?

Make flexible rooms and desks work for everyone

Customize seating down to the needs of each person—assigned, bookable, or activity-based—without the administrative headache. Monitor room and desk usage with via real-time reports and dashboards, and ensure your setup works well for every employee.

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Drive every decision with real-time data

Real-time reports, dashboards, and insights inside OfficeSpace answer real questions about your workplace. Measure what matters and use data to improve space utilization, reduce costs, and create a winning workplace experience.

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Deliver a world-class employee experience

Help your people plan and maximize their time at the workplace. Features like Who’s In?, real-time office maps, Slack & Teams integrations, requests, and a easy-to-use mobile app keep everyone productive, connected, and engaged, wherever work happens.

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OfficeSpace gives our employees reassurance when they’re traveling to different locations. Before their trip, they can use OfficeSpace to book a desk, connect with whoever they’ll be sitting next to, and make arrangements before they get to the office.

Cadi Withers, Director of Real Estate

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Give every employee the seating setup they need

Put people and seats together in a way that makes sense for your office with Neighborhoods. Group bookable, assigned, and open seats together to fit everyone’s needs. Provide flexible desks that support every schedule. Save time with team-managed seating.

Neighborhoods are exclusive to OfficeSpace.

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How to make hybrid work for everyone

OfficeSpace’s Return to the Office survey found that 43% of workers agreed they would leave their job if their employer required them to go to the office every day. Discover the four hybrid models companies are using to future-proof the workplace—and how to make them work for you.

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