Insights you can act on.

See space utilization in real-time to evolve your workplace strategy, improve employee experience, & right-size your real-estate investments with Workplace Intelligence by OfficeSpace.

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Workplace Intelligence, powered by presence data.

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Get Accurate Insights

Track space utilization by location, team, & employee in real-time with badge scan, WiFi, and desk booking presence data.

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Save Time Managing Data

Save up to 10 hours a week on data collection, management, & analysis with data & reporting automation.

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Evolve Your Workplace Strategy

See what’s working, share trends, drive strategy, & boost business performance with automated reports & drill-down capabilities.

Presence by Site Dashboard

Understand utilization everywhere.

Set & Measure Policies

Test policies, track compliance, & improve employee engagement by location.

Optimize Investments

Identify areas for expansion & contraction across your portfolio to drive cost savings.

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Presence by Department Dashboard

See who’s coming in.

Manage Team Performance

Measure engagement, collaboration, & business outcomes by team presence.

Have Data-Driven Conversations

Empower leaders to coach & enforce policies, then share best practices across teams.

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Presence by Employee Type Dashboard

Check your workforce mix.

See Who’s Coming In

See how many employees are remote, hybrid, or in-office, & understand change over time

Evolve Policies & Programs

Use employee data to create the optimal blend of work styles to meet your goals, & adapt your strategies.

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Unlocking insights for the world’s top brands.

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Before Workplace Intelligence, we spent 30 minutes a day cleaning badge data manually which is prone to errors and extremely tedious. We schedule reports and keep departments from HR and team leads, and our executive team on the same page.


We use this data for decision-making on return-to-office programs, janitorial & food services, and more. We now have actionable insights to understand trends over time and teams at all levels of our business are looking at it, including our executive team.


We use the datasets to identify high traffic days, schedule amenities like food trucks to drive employee engagement, and share the data with our senior leadership teams to make informed decisions and guide strategy.

Daily Presence Dashboard

Build the right plan.

Plan for Attendance Spikes

Understand daily presence metrics at an employee level to inform workplace design, anticipate utilization spikes, optimize operations, & manage resources.

Forecast Space Needs

Use presence trends to adjust workforce planning, adapt hybrid policies, & right-size real estate footprints.

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Daily Site Utilization Dashboard

Get ahead of demand.

Optimize Daily Operations

Track daily peak volumes to proactively manage seating demand, coordinate events, & manage catering & services.

Manage Change

Get real-time insights to manage overflows, adjust team schedules, make business cases for more or less space, & inform new workplace designs.

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Utilization Over Time Dashboard

Right-size your real-estate portfolio.

Deliver Cost Savings

Analyze site utilization trends over time to know where you can contract or expand and drive business performance.

Make Smart Investments

Make smarter investments in high-utilization locations & achieve portfolio balance in ways that work for your team, and your bottom line.

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Turn your network into a sensor.

Power up accurate presence insights by automating badge, WiFi, and desk booking data flows into our Workplace Intelligence technology.

As your data is collected, Workplace Intelligence by OfficeSpace visualizes trends in dashboards powered by Looker, a Gartner Magic Quadrant Challenger in Analytics. Get the data you need to set and adapt policies, right-size real estate footprints, and reach conclusions at a glance about the right action to take next, all in one workplace management platform.

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Get insights you can act on.

Top teams know how their space is used, and use that data to create cost savings, workforce management strategies, and competitive advantage. Do you? We’re here to help.

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