Hybrid workplace software for manufacturers

Get everything you need to create a hybrid workplace without limits—intuitive tools, workplace reports, and real-time insights. Companies like Tesla, Campbells, and Logitech leverage OfficeSpace to deliver a world-class hybrid experience.

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What can you create with OfficeSpace’s intuitive features?

Real estate that fits demand

Shrink, consolidate, or expand? Make data-driven real estate decisions and easily optimize your entire portfolio with helpful features like real-time reports, space forecasting, stack planning, virtual scenarios, and Lease Manager.

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Flexible rooms and desks your way

Choose a room and desk setup that works for your people’s unique set of needs—assigned, bookable, activity-based, and neighborhoods—and customize seating down to the needs of each person, without the administrative headache. Track desk and room usage via real-time dashboards and make sure your setup is working well for everyone.

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A truly connected workplace

With features like Who’s In?, Slack & Teams integrations, requests, real-time office maps, and an intuitive mobile app, it’s easy to keep everyone connected, productive, and engaged.

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Team leaders can now come in and make whatever seating changes they need that make the most sense for their teams. Giving each team this level of autonomy supports Peloton’s collaborative culture. Managers are empowered to make changes that make the most sense for their side of the business, and everyone saves a lot of time in the process.

Daniel Santiago, Director of Workplace Operations

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Get more out of OfficeSpace with integrations

OfficeSpace integrates with the tools your people already rely on—Slack, Teams, Okta, O365, Google, and so much more.

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Understanding hybrid work models

Still trying to make hybrid work? Discover the four hybrid models companies are using to future-proof the workplace—and how to make them work for you.

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