Steelcase Karman ™


    Steelcase Karman™ goes beyond other leading mesh chairs by naturally responding to a body’s movement, delivering industry-leading comfort and sustainability.

    Karman supports collaborative and private spaces in the office as well as hybrid environments and home offices. In fact, Steelcase research indicates that 56% of meetings today are hybrid, including a mix of both in-person and virtual participants.

    It’s also perfect for the gaming community. Intermix is extraordinarily breathable and offers ideal comfort when your monitors are working overtime to support lengthy late-night gaming sessions. Karman naturally and intuitively responds to your body’s movements. Sit back and let Karman adjust to your body as you move. Instead of manually adjusting, Karman does the heavy lifting for you by adjusting to fit your unique shape and size. From mouse and keyboard to controller Karman moves with your body to keep you supported and in game longer.

    “Comfort is built into every aspect of Steelcase Karman – it’s reactive to each body type and posture and adapts to all the different ways in which we might sit in a chair so you’re not aware of it, but it moves with you continually.”

    -Mark Spoelhof, Design Director for Steelcase

    With hundreds of Intermix and frame color combinations, there are aesthetic options for all consumers to select from, ensuring Karman matches their personal preferences. Popular pairings include monochromatic styling, neutral colorways, warm neutral frame finishes and vibrant color-shifting tones.

    Sustainability Statement

    Steelcase Karman’s innovative design approach started with the planet in mind. It not only uses sustainable materials but is comprised of the least number of components necessary. Its leading model weighing only 29 pounds, Steelcase Karman is designed for sustainability, yet is strong enough to support all body types.

    “We’ve pushed materiality, shape and geometry as far as we can push them, using significantly less material than other performance chairs, while offering even better affordances,” said Mark Spoelhof, Design Director for Steelcase. “Many of Steelcase Karman’s parts are doing double or triple duty allowing it to function with about one-half less material than traditional task chairs so that it is as organically responsive to the human body as possible.”

    Health and Wellness Attributes

    Steelcase Karman’s patented hybrid seat is unlike any other. The suspension seat with integrated cushioning provides maximum comfort for as long as you sit. The ultra-light frame flexes to eliminate painful pressure points common in other mesh chairs.

    Worth The Hype

    Coming Soon!

    Key Features
    • Karman is available now with a CarbonNeutral® product certification option.
    • Standard back chair or standard back stool
    • 4D arms or armless
    • Casters* or glides
    • Polished aluminum base
    • Optional lumbar support
    Buyer Information
    Starting at $846
    Buyer Information
    Where it is manufactured?
    Grand Rapids, MI
    Buyer Information
    Lead Time
    Available in select colorways at Some colorways are offered through the organization’s Ready to Ship option, which ships within 1 day. Other colorways require approximately 10 days to ship.
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