Chair of the Month Review: Rokkitt Active Perch Stool by HPFi

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Chair of the Month

Katie Sargent
Katie Sargent
Katie Sargent is our Integrated Marketing Manager. Katie’s interest in the A+D industry began with her first internship at IA Interior Architects in 2010. Since then she went on to have experience with Jones Lang LaSalle, Kimball Office, Dealerships in the DC area and even heading up webinars for us! She received her degree in Business Management from Virginia Tech. Outside of work, Katie is a student earning an Associates Degree in Occupational Studies - Film and Television Performance from The New York Conservatory for Dramatic Arts.

First came Eager and then Path. Now WDM’s Chair of the Month is back with a new review! 

Work Design Magazine’s Katie Sargent along with the design team at Mancini Duffy NYC collectively logged 40+ hours working in HPFi’s active perch stool, Rokkitt. Here’s what they experienced.

Meet Rokkitt by HPFi

It’s an active stool with all the benefits of a task chair! This adjustable, pivot and swivel perch packs a big punch, hitting on ergonomics, flexibility and comfort. It’s a great touchdown stool that is light weight and its minimal design fits into any space.

The Rundown

  • Key Feature: Easily rocks while staying in place with a non-slip anti-squeak rubberized base.
  • Chair Design: Designed to rock front-to-back or side-to-side – it’s up to the user to choose! The seat also swivels 360 degrees.
  • Weight Capacity: 300 lbs.
  • Adjustable Options: Can move up and down via dual controls under seat to accommodate a sit-to-stand desk.
  • Fabric Options: While the base comes in a single color, the seat is available in almost every contract fabric.

What We Loved Most

Over the course of a month, our reviewers spent time throughout the day working from the Rokkitt active perch and it was a hit! Specifically with a sit to stand desk, our reviewers loved the height-adjustable feature. One stool really fits all, tested with the Mancini Duffy NYC team whose heights range from 5’3″ to 6’4″. In fact, Mancini has a Rokkitt stool in one of their acoustic booths because it is perfect support for a temporary (touchdown) meeting space.

everyone agrees that the stool promotes good posture.

Posture was effected positively with the stool because it subtly forces you to straighten your back when you sit on it so you don’t fatigue your lower back. The rocking of the seat is also great. Over the course of having Rokkitt in multiple environments, we noticed some reviewers rocked side to side while others rocked back and forth. The seat itself is also comfortable since it contains two inches of polyurethane foam.

Additional Feature Spotlight

  • The stool is light weight and easy to move around.
  • The base is secure and the rocking still feels in control.
  • The minimal design is sleek and can fit into any setting, from office to home to schools.

Want to see more from HPFi?

Rokkitt is one of many seating solutions offered by HPFi. You can check out all of their office seating offerings here.

Meet Our Reviewers

Special thanks to Mancini Duffy:

Joan TsenAlex BorrelliAndrew LainisEmily AndersonGabriela MoralesKristen Hagen

Curious about what it was like to work from Rokkitt? Check out our ‘Day In the Life’ Instagram reel and TikTok, and make sure to follow us to see more every Friday. Plus, you’ll be the first to know the chair we are reviewing next!

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