HassiaGruppe Office Tree House by Ippolito Fleitz Group

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Emma Weckerling
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Meet the 2023 Next Work Environment Competition Greatest Impact Award winners and Office Building category winners, Ippolito Fleitz Group and their HassiaGruppe Office Tree House submission.

Ippolito Fleitz Group is a multidisciplinary, internationally operating design studio based in Stuttgart, Germany. Their submission features an office space for HassiaGruppe, Germany’s largest brand manufacturer in the soft drinks sector. A wide spectrum of brand values merged in the design of the company’s new office building. This not only meant a change of space, but also a time to reflect on their work environment and culture.

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Project Design Team:

Check out the slideshow, video and summary of the submission below:

The new office is characterised by a clear external pull in all directions. Alcoves that project outwards through the façade, two bridges that connect the existing buildings – the office clearly seeks contact with its environment. We translate this openness and responsiveness into an interior design that celebrates togetherness as an integral part of the corporate culture. Applied to the work environment and working methods, this means departing from silo mentality and embarking on a journey that embraces exchange and joint innovation. The office offers a framework with sufficient potential for innovative friction to achieve just this.

With its communication spaces, lounge quality and beverage offering, the ground floor is no classic reception area, but more an open space for hospitality. With a flexible room-in-room system on the upper floors, we provide a zoned work landscape. These multifaceted layers bring the office to life; while its modular structure allows for completely different zoning and use of space in the future. An office that grows with the requirements of the company and does not stand in the way of change, instead inviting you to keep trying out new things.

The alcoves serve as places of retreat or as meeting niches. Because besides concentration, collaboration and communication, contemplation, the targeted switching-off of the mind, is also an important mode of work. And the company proudly displays its working culture to the outside world. The top floor is the creative tree crown. A meeting room with a mobile partition wall and non-static furnishing encourages agile working practices. Surrounded by lush green planting, the Innovation Pavilion is a creative jungle – and anything but a classic conference room. Combined with the roof terrace, a space is created for a new kind of togetherness.

Above the main entrance, we make a strong statement about the importance of nature and sustainability: We have planted a fruit tree orchard. Because tradition, naturalness and freshness are values with which employees and visitors can identify in a positive way. Last but not least, the apple trees stand for the basic principle behind Bionade – of making a new, natural, fruit-based soft drink using traditional beer brewing methods. The wooden wall panelling that runs throughout the office refers to the naturalness of the company’s products and, taken with the trees in front of the building, literally turns the office into a tree house.

The building envelope also flies the flag for sustainability. A disused Bionade brewing kettle was melted down to create the copper skin for the building. A concrete, core-activated ceiling enables environmentally friendly heating, and a lamellae ceiling made from recycled PET bottles ensures excellent acoustics. Together with carpets from our OBJECT CARPET × Ippolito Fleitz Group collection, which feature Econyl yarn made from repurposed fishing nets, the ceiling and floor convey a self-imposed commitment to sustainable action and sound business practices.

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Special thanks to our 2023 Market Partners:

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