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Empower your employees with new community-building features

Sahara Muradi
April 24th, 2024

At OfficeSpace, we understand empowering employees with self-service tools helps foster autonomy and ownership of their workplace experience. Today we’re excited to launch a number of new features that help employees seamlessly plan their workday, facilitate collaboration, and drive connection when they are in the office.

These features include:

  1. Ossie, your new AI Assistant
  2. Book Desks for Visitors
  3. See Who’s In the Office
  4. Find your Favorite Coworkers

Ossie, your new AI Assistant

Meet, Ossie, your new AI Assistant for workplace excellence! Ossie can easily locate colleagues, rooms, printers, and more. Search for resources using a colleague’s name, a conference room name, or specifying an office resource (“closest break room”).  Simply start your message to Ossie with the keywords like “locate,” “find,” or “where.” Ossie guides you to the specific location in your office on the floorplan.

Book Desks for Visitors

You can now book desks on behalf of visitors. This includes guests for single-day bookings  on-demand, or pre-registered visitors when hosting multi-day meetings and events. 

Employees will leverage the familiar desk booking flow in Visual Directory to select the location and simply indicate they are booking on behalf of a visitor. 

visitor desk booking 1

To access this feature, the Greetly Visitor Management module is required to ensure your locations, visitor workflows, registration steps, and notifications are configured for ease in visitor arrivals.

Complementing this Visitor Desk Booking solution is the Weekly Visits report, enabling admins and facility managers to understand visitor trends across locations.

See Who’s In Office

In addition to showing you who’s planning to come into the office with assigned or booked desks, Visual Directory will now also display who has actually arrived at the office – making it even easier to connect in person with coworkers. When an employee is present, a building icon will appear beside their profile in 3 locations.

Powered by presence integrations, including access control systems, WiFi integrations, or CSV upload.  When an employee swipes their badge or connects to the Wifi, the presence icon will display to ensure coworkers see their teammates have arrived. This feature can be configured for visibility on the account and user level.

Whos in sidebar

Who’s In will now also highlight the number of employees who are expected to come into the office, have checked in, and are in the office to make it easier to find key metrics and know how busy the office will be on a given day.

Favorite Coworkers

In addition to showing you who’s planning to come into the office, employees can now favorite specific coworkers on their team, in their department, or whoever they would like to plan to see during their workday. 

In the Who’s In list, employees can simply click on the star icon beside the names of coworkers they wish to see in favorites. These favorites will be displayed at the top of their Who’s In list. So you know when specific coworkers are planning to come in or are already in the office to making it easier to connect.

Whos in favorites

See where your favorite coworkers are sitting before booking a desk or know which days are the best to come into the office! You can add up to 30 coworkers to your favorites list in Who’s In.

To learn more about how to get started with these features, check out our Workplace Portal.‍

Want more in-depth training? Explore Workplace University for additional information on OfficeSpace’s features for Admins, Facility Management, and Employees.