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3 Trends Shaping The Future Of Coworking Technology

GWA tech panel experts provide unique insight into the future of workspace technology and how proptech can help coworking spaces thrive.

Where Are They Now: SLAM Collaborative’s Mind the Gap

We checked back in with the SLAM Collaborative team to see what they are up to today and how their Next Work Environment Competition submission has evolved since last year.

Talent Will Not Be Local In The Future Of Work

The capability of companies to simply hire from wherever they want is currently available. Companies still hire employees closer to their offices at a substantially higher rate than potential employees that live further away.

Here’s Why Taking A Stand On Diversity Matters For Companies

Entities, brands and companies alike should ask themselves what their motivation is when openly showing support or creating diversity/pride themed products and campaigns.

Technology Tips That Can Help Businesses Return To The Workplace

How can technology make the return to the workplace less stressful for employees? Allwork.Space offers suggestions on how technology can enable a safer workplace.

Three Key Lessons Learned on the Path to A Hybrid Workplace

Tammy Jones of Cushing Terrell shares three key learnings to consider when creating a hybrid work policy. 

What Can We Expect For The Future Of Office Occupancy?

Changes in how Americans work could have long-lasting implications on tax revenues in cities with significant numbers of commuters, according to the Pew Research Center.

Art and the Outdoors: Tips & Benefits for Office Developers

Martha Weidmann of NINE dot ARTS explores why art and nature are critical to a workspace.

Three Art Trends to Improve the Return to Office Experience for Employees

Martha Weidmann of NINE dot ARTS shares how companies are leveraging art to boost morale as employees finally begin to return to the office. 

10 Things You Need To Know About The Metaverse

To understand how it works, Allwork.Space shares 10 things you need to know about the metaverse and how it relates to the future of work. 

Sustainable Practices Pay Off. Here’s How Coworking Spaces Can Become More Sustainable

Allwork.Space shares strategies to make coworking spaces more sustainable including the use of solar panels, recycling, and curbing office equipment consumption.  

How Can Workspaces Reduce Waste At The Design Stage?

VR technology can be a useful resource for reducing waste because it facilitates the visual communication of ideas effectively.

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