Envoy Hybrid Work


    Envoy makes hybrid work more seamless by taking the hassle out of coordinating when, where, and how teammates work together—leaving employees confident about choosing to do their best work from the workplace. With Envoy Protect, you can help employees sync up their workplace schedules, and confirm that they’re vaccinated and healthy before they arrive. With Envoy Desks, you empower employees to book the desk where they work best and manage your desk inventory and layout so people can collaborate at a safe distance. With Envoy Rooms, you make it easy for employees to find and reserve the right meeting space to collaborate with coworkers—no matter where they’re working.

    The workplace is no longer as predictable as it was pre-pandemic. There are changing guidelines for capacity, vaccine and mask requirements, and more from both the CDC and local governments. There are different numbers of employees coming in each day. Envoy helps workplace and HR teams stay flexible by giving them more control over capacity limits, resource availability, health and safety procedures, building access, and more. Admins can make changes on the fly to ensure they are always up to date with the latest guidelines. And they always know who and how many people will be on-site so they can prepare and adapt as needed.

    With Envoy, you don’t need to hop between tools to manage all the different elements of your workplace. You can manage employees, visitors, desks, rooms, and deliveries, across all your locations, all from a single dashboard. You get insights and data from across the workplace to make smart decisions on space layout, staffing, and more. You also have access to 80+ integrations and open APIs to connect Envoy to the tools you need for hybrid work.

    Learn more at envoy.com/hybrid-work.

    Health and Wellness Attributes

    Envoy helps you make sure everyone arrives and leaves the workplace healthy. Confirm that employees and visitors are vaccinated, have received a negative COVID test, or attest that they are symptom-free before they arrive. You make the rules for who’s allowed in the office. If someone doesn’t meet your criteria, Envoy denies them entry and notifies your team.

    Ensure people can work at a safe distance by managing workplace occupancy and which desks and rooms are available to book. Stop people from registering or signing in past your workplace’s max capacity to prevent overcrowding and help employees keep a safe distance by spacing out which desks they can book.

    Key Features
    • Workplace schedules: Sync your schedule with your co-workers, so you can make the most of every day at the workplace.
    • Invite coworkers to the office: Coordinate workplace meetings faster by inviting co-workers to join you on-site and booking a desk nearby.
    • Space booking: Reserve a desk or meeting room before you head in or book the nearest one on the fly in the Envoy app.
    • Team neighborhoods: Automatically seat teammates near each other or book the closest desk to your favorite coworker.
    • Health and safety: Ask employees to upload a photo of their vaccine card or their weekly COVID test, or complete a daily health check to confirm they’re healthy.
    • Capacity management: Keep count of who’s coming in and set capacity limits so employees can collaborate at a safe distance.
    • Workplace analytics: Know how many people plan to come in days and weeks in advance, so you can scale workspaces, support staff, and food orders up or down.
    • Space analytics: Find out which meeting rooms and desks people book most to inform how many and which types of space you make available.
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    Envoy's HQ are located in San Francisco
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