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circular economy

What Will You Do With All That Office Furniture?

Reseat is helping everyone from furniture manufacturers/dealers, designers, facility managers and end users to sustainably manage furniture inventory.

Circularity in Chicago & Beyond • April 20th

Celebrate Earth Week by joining us on April 20th from 5-7PM @Steelcase at THE MART for a special evening discussing the Circular Economy.

Industry News: The Top Reason People Want To Come Back To The Office

Why people crave spaces that facilitate focused work, six products that contribute to the circular economy, and more news from around the web.

The Future Of Our Offices — And Our Planet — Hinges On The Real Estate Industry’s Priorities

Real estate players who ignore net zero are putting their capital — not to mention the planet — at risk.

Industry News: How Can The Circular Economy Apply To Interiors

demountable design could be the secret to sustainable, engaging offices, why companies should consider the 'Hubquarters' model and more news.

Are We Finally Leaving the Wasteful Linear Economy Behind?

Studies show the linear economy is completely unsustainable. Allwork.Space shares how the circular economy is less wasteful in a post-COVID world.

An Interactive Tool for a Circular Economy in the Built Environment

If you are responsible for designing or managing work environments, now is a critical time for you to understand the meaning of a transition to a Circular Economy.

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