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Crafting Connection: Building Vision for Gen Z-Friendly Offices

Aimee Collins of Unispace shares how Gen Z will influence the future of workplace design.

How People-First Design Enables ALL People to Thrive in the Office

Yong In of Unispace share four ways employers looking to up their in-office attendance can consider taking a people-first approach to office design.

Commuting to the Metaverse: 3 Considerations for Designing a Virtual Office 

Regan Donoghue of Unispace shares three key things companies looking to create both physical and digital offices in the future should consider.

Take A Tour of Orrick’s New LA Offices Designed By Unispace

Orrick's new Los Angeles workspace set an example for what the future of law offices looks like post-pandemic.

2023 Workplace Trends: Supporting Mental Health in the Workplace

Unispace's Regan Donoghue explores how employers can support employees’ mental health in the workplace.

Great leaders drive change by shaping desire, not by decree

 “Stop calling it change management.” Regan Donoghue of Unispace says less management, more inspiration is key—and shares tips for success.

Step Inside Bread Financial’s Re-Energized Workplace That Supports Autonomy and Equity

Unispace created a new headquarters for Bread Financial featuring many additions that make the space equitable for all associates, including those who are neurodivergent.

Redefining the workplace? Empathy is your most powerful design tool

In these fast-changing times, Albert De Plazaola of Unispace shares eight steps to defining the work change your teams need to thrive.

The Impact of Design on the Return to the Office

If the return to the office is to be successful now, Stuart Finnie of Unispace says a rethink on how the space is used is needed by all.

Beyond Occupancy: New Metrics to Inform the Post-Pandemic Workplace

Unispace's Meg Campbell and Alex Palmisano explore how metrics are helping companies bring employees back in a reimagined hybrid workplace.

Seven Ways Office Design Can Support Mental Health

Hannah Hackathorn of Unispace shares how growing recognition of the importance of employee mental health is fueling innovative new workplace design strategies.

Fredrikson & Byron’s New Office Creates An Elevated Experience

Fredrikson & Byron partnered with Unispace to help them transition from a typical law office design to a modern and polished space.

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