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    For over 20 years, IAdea has been creating vibrant ecosystems with world-leading partners, including Accruent EMS, Planon Universe, IBM TRIRIGA, and more, to offer the best in workplace solutions for Meeting Room Booking, Desk Booking, Wayfinding, and Digital Signage. We are on a continuous mission to provide technologies and services which power the workplace experience and improve the productivity of work.

    IAdea workplace solutions support forward-focused organizations to flourish by creating places and environments that accommodate current dynamic working styles. IAdea’s solutions boast absolute software flexibility, allowing compatibility with whichever software that best suits the workspace and users’ needs. With the right software partner in hand, businesses and organizations can still expect a one-stop-shop experience for an empowered place to work with IAdea services.

    All solutions go through rigorous R&D to develop real actionable enterprise solutions, and at the same time, aesthetic is never left on the sideline. Boasting both form and function, clean and crisp product design incorporates many necessary enterprise-level features and functions, all while being versatile enough for a variety of workspace settings, sitting comfortably while still making an effortless statement in good design. All devices can be remotely managed with IAdeaCare, making life easy for admins and feature built-in enterprise-grade security to meet stringent corporate security standards.

    Solution offerings

    Room Booking — IAdea’s Room Booking Solution takes the fuss out of booking a collaborative space, making it easy for people to find and reserve an available meeting room to meet and connect. The solution has powerful features such as ID authentication for room check-in/out, room access control, and automation to eliminate ‘ghost meetings.’ In addition, make data-driven decisions for your workplace layout with a more accurate data collection process.

    Desk Booking — Shared desk space is a key enabler in achieving a dynamic workplace. IAdea’s desk booking system can help Fortune 500 companies systemize their shared desk space with a combination of status lighting and sensor technology.

    Wayfinding — Interactive wayfinding is proving to be a big boon to enterprises, especially for helping dispersed team members quickly locate each other with ease. It also boasts an easy way to find an available desk space or meeting room directly from reception and book, simple as that!

    Digital Signage — Vibrant widescreen panels and powerful media appliances make in-office signage content not only super simple to manage but consistently display it in the best light to leave meaningful impressions and enhance the workplace experience.


    Come see us in action – we’ll be at IFMA’s World Workplace Oct 25 – 28 – booth 1119!

    Key Features
    • Different workstyle support — solutions that help facilitate the modern office with multiple different work styles
    • Designed with aesthetics in mind — clean device designs are versatile enough for a variety of enterprise settings that blends in while still making a statement
    • Endless software choices — absolute software flexibility allows compatibility with whichever software best suits the workspace needs
    • Advance space reservation feature – ID authentication, QR Code touchless booking and auto-release with sensor integration
    • Fully integrated features — all features come built into the devices’ slimline housing, removing the need for costly and unsightly addons
    • Award-winning design — IAdea’s products have been regularly recognized for exceptional design, receiving several awards, including an International Design Award, and a Digital Signage Award
    • Centralized remote management — devices can all be remotely deployed, managed, monitored, and troubleshot from anywhere, anytime
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