BENIF by LX Hausys


    LX Hausys’ BENIF Interior Film is designed for flat lamination and profile wrapping. With its special self-adhesive treatment, interior film is easy to apply on flat surface and on irregular surfaces, saving time and cost. With possibilities ranging from walls, elevators, doors, ceilings, trellises and beams, furniture, and more the skies the limit for all the different applications of this material. Currently there are over 500 options to choose from ranging in options of Solids, Metal, Big, Classic, Design and Premium Wood, Big Marble, Stone, Leather, Fabric, and Fancy materials.

    Key Features
    • BENIF Interior films are a 4-layer film, with a protective film, print layer, adhesive layer and release paper and are Flame resistant.
    • The films offer Air-free technology which prevents the formation of bubbles during the construction and application.
    • The wood options are naturally anti-microbial and can be cleaned easily with a 10% chlorine solution.
    • All BENIF options are 48″ wide and available in 10YD, 30M or 50M options depending on the SKU.
    Buyer Information
    Pricing depends on the SKU chosen and more information can be obtained by reaching out to Trim USA
    Buyer Information
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    Buyer Information
    Lead Time
    This is dependent on the SKU and inventory levels.