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How Change Management Has Changed

RSP’s Kari Smith helps clients manage, communicate and sustain thriving workplace strategies. Here are three ways the last three years have upended what she does.

Power to the People: The Human-Centric Workplace

JLL Consulting's Peter Miscovich explores how to create successful human-centric hybrid workplace programs.

Culture Versus Convenience: The Realities of Returning to the Office

RSP’s David Serrano and Kari Smith explain lessons learned from the first wave of employees returning to offices across the country and how to embrace company culture in a new way.

Top Hybrid Work Statistics to Help Embrace New Normal

What do employees want when it comes to hybrid work? Eptura offers some helpful hybrid work statistics to help navigate the new normal.

Keeping the Office Collaboration Alive in The Metaverse

Erin McDannald of Environments explores how metaverse environments will prove to be a versatile solution in hybrid workplaces.

Architectural Innovation In A Post Pandemic World

Brendan Farrell and Ruba Younan of AO reflect on the new changes and trends they are seeing in post-pandemic office design.

So, You’ve Returned To Work – Now What?

Gensler's Kelly Moore shares strategies that will engage, excite and empower employees as they return to the workplace.

Instead Of Trying To Compete With The Home Office – Work With It

Workplace designs that emphasize employee choice and autonomy will find themselves ahead as organizations return to their offices.

How to Make Your Hybrid Office the Best of Both Worlds

Companies are re-evaluating the purpose of the office. HOK’s Beate Mellwig and Kay Sargent explain how to put in place an effective hybrid work model that balances employees’ “wants” with the needs of the business.

Industry News: What It’s Like To Work In The World’s Greatest Office

Working in the world's greatest office by Frank Lloyd Wright, remote work is killing Manhattan commercial real estate, and more.

How to Bring People Back to the Office So They Actually Want to Show Up

Tracy Brower of Steelcase explores how to successfully bring people back to the office through intentionality.

What’s New? A Conversation With Cheryl Durst

IIDA Executive Vice President, Cheryl Durst reflects on her 25-year tenure at IIDA and gives us a sneak peek at several new initiatives both personally and for the organization.

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