Mooi Modular Storage Units & Ritual Wellness Center by Meaghan Maass

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Meet 2023 Next Work Environment Competition student winner Meaghan Maass and her ‘Mooi Modular Storage Units’ and ‘Ritual Wellness Center’ submissions. Meaghan recently graduated from from Fanshawe College with a degree in Interior Design and is currently working at two residential design firms. Keep up with what’s next for Meaghan by following her on LinkedIn!

We connected with Meaghan to see how her Mooi Modular Storage Unit submission has evolved since entering the competition:Meaghan Maass

Meaghan: I feel like the idea and concept itself haven’t changed much since I submitted it. But there has been a realization of truly how much these units can be used for, even given their simplistic construction. While my original intention was that they would be used in a residential application for a storage solution, after analyzing the idea and design more I have realized their potential. They could be used in many commercial applications, in offices, public spaces, etc.

Check out the slideshow and summary of both submissions below:

Mooi Modular Storage Units

Mooi modular units are units based on the premise of the new maximalism movement. Flexible and multi-functional, these units can be stacked, flipped and placed in multiple ways to function as shelves, storage units or even a seat. Creating a product such as Mooi aimed to promote flexibility in maximalism while filling a room with vibrant and rich colour. The units are clad in rich pops of gold, purple and teal colours to mesh seamlessly with any maximalist design. Mooi units feature a flat top (or bottom!) with top peaks on the opposite side. This design was inspired by an abstract version of rock formations. The units themselves are two feet wide, one and a half feet tall and one and a half feet deep.

Mooi modular units are clad in Formica laminate from the SurfaceSet 2022 collection. Using Formica laminate to finish Mooi modular units allows the units to be expressive and unique while also maintaining durability, cleanability and functionality while also maintaining sustainability for a brighter future. Using solid-coloured Formica laminate products allows the user of the products to style Mooi as they wish to fit their aesthetic needs promoting flexibility not only usability-wise but personality-wise as well.

Ritual Wellness Center

It has been proven that in recent years burnout has become a more common problem as jobs and academic courses have become more rigorous and intense, therefore putting more stress on people.

The goal of Ritual is to encourage mental and physical rest for people suffering from academic and workplace burnout through the design of a wellness retreat

Ritual is a wellness retreat focused on healing the important things (that’s you!).

Ritual is focused on giving clients the resources and opportunities to hit the pause button and focus on themselves. Ritual is a culmination of a lush, relaxing, and tranquil spa experience meshed with mental health counseling services to assist clients who are experiencing academic and workplace burnout.

The Ritual experience is one of pure relaxation and recovery and promoting those habits to become a ritual in clients’ lives.

Come take a tour of Ritual.

Ritual includes spaces designed for ultimate guest comfort and relaxation. The plan features curved walls to create the flow of a naturally comforting environment, incorporating nature into the space through the built elements.

Grab a latte at the café, take a yoga class, relax in the lounge, decompress with a hot stone massage, buy a self-care treat, or receive counseling catered to your personal challenges.

Ritual has what you need.

Various spaces within Ritual are clad with natural textured materials. Research supports the theory that providing guests with an environment of natural-looking and feeling materials decreases stress and anxiety. This leads into the theory of biophilic design.

The yoga studio floor is a durable wood plank material, different from the rest of the retreat.

This decision was made with the intention that guests would be laying, touching, and moving around on the floor of this space. Therefore, being able to feel that natural woodgrain of the flooring.

The lounge allows guests to relax, recover and participate in group counseling sessions.

Need more privacy? No problem.

A fabric ceiling feature is installed in the entrance space and the yoga studio.

Mimicking the spore element of a mushroom these features have the ability to ripple and move about enhancing the atmosphere of both spaces.

Utilizing this feature in the entrance allows this space to truly be a transition of environments. To signal to take a minute, breath, and to feel how this space can change their mindset.

Special thanks to our 2023 Innovative Brand Partners:

Special thanks to our 2023 Market Partners:

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