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How Rapid7 seamlessly relocated 600 employees in two days with OfficeSpace

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As a global leader in cybersecurity, Rapid7 provides the data, visibility, and automation companies need to address security compromises.

The company serves more than 9100 organizations, across 140+ countries.


Improving the employee experience and streamlining office moves

Rapid7 is fully committed to maintaining an exceptional employee experience for its roughly 1600 employees, who work at 16 physical locations. So much so, in fact, that the company is the highest-scoring workplace in America on the Leesmann Scoring System—an index that ranks the employee workplace experience at companies around the world.

So, when Rapid7’s Workplace Experience Team needed to relocate 600 employees from two locations to the company’s new 150,000 square-foot headquarters in Boston, they needed to create a smooth transition for their people and maintain a positive employee experience every step of the way.


Giving employees and workplace leaders a powerful, all-in-one platform

Rapid7 - OfficeSpace Software

As Rapid7 started to plan their Boston move, they turned to OfficeSpace.

Here’s how Rapid7’s Workplace Experience Manager, Andrea Diieso, and her team leveraged features like Scenarios, Visual Directory, and OfficeSpace for Slack to plan and implement a smooth 600-employee relocation over the course of a single weekend.

Planning down to the detail, with Scenarios

Every move is different. What works on one floor might not be a good fit for another.

To make sure Rapid7 was making the best use of their new space and creating work environments that fully supported employees, Andrea’s team used Scenarios to create virtual drafts of each floor and assess several different layouts.

We used Scenarios to place employees in potential seats as we received the seating arrangements from department heads and team managers. It was really helpful to have a ‘rough draft’ to play around with.

Because Scenarios are collaborative, Andrea’s team was able to send the scenarios back to managers to confirm that employees were seated correctly before moving ahead with the process.

Bringing new floor plans to life, with Scenario Merge

If you’ve ever tried to make big changes to your physical floor plans, you know how easy it is for things to slip through the cracks.

To solve this challenge, Scenario Merge creates a clean and simple list of the facility and seating changes you’ll need to make in the workplace each time you update your floor plan.

In Rapid7’s case, once stakeholders had confirmed they were happy with every layout and seating assignment, Andrea’s team used Scenario Merge to bring the changes to life.

By the time the move happened, the Scenario was entirely filled out so the merging process was simple and painless.
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Keeping everyone informed in real-time, with interactive floor plans and OfficeSpace for Slack

Keeping everyone in the loop with up-to-date information is one of the biggest challenges with large-scale moves. Where’s my new desk? Where is the marketing team sitting? And where can I find a conference room?

Thankfully, Rapid7 employees were already using Visual Directory, OfficeSpace for Slack, and the OfficeSpace Mobile App, so everyone had real-time access to their new floor plans and seating assignments before, during, and well after the move had taken place.

“We sent out a lot of email and Slack communications before the move. Employees are aware of the “/find” Slack integration as well as with using the Visual Directory, both of which were really helpful after the move when everyone was figuring out the new seat assignments.”

Employees love OfficeSpace’s Slack integration. It makes it so easy for them to find their colleagues and conference rooms in such a large office, especially after a big move to a new building.

Seamless move management and and award-winning employee experience

With OfficeSpace, Rapid7 was able to plan, implement, and execute a seamless 600-person move over a single weekend.

Thanks to real-time floor plans, employees were able to familiarize themselves with their new facility before the move, and quickly connect with everything they needed in Rapid7’s new facility once the relocation was complete.

Rapid7’s favorite features


Find the best way to reconfigure your facility, and make smarter, faster changes to your floor plans.


Find, book, and connect with everything
you need in real-time.


Find the people, places, and resources you need, using the tools you already use every day.


Get the insights you need to understand your
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