Nimway Smart Office Solution by Sony


    Smart-office tech for the people-centred workplace
    Nimway is a comprehensive smart office solution consisting of elegantly designed phone apps for Android and iOS, digital floor plans, and room panels – all enabled by Sony’s patented world class indoor positioning sensor technology.

    Created by our people for your people
    The Nimway system was originally produced by a group of Sony employees to help colleagues navigate the large office complex in Lund, Sweden. Ease of use was prioritized in the design. Of course, we’ve added functionality and refined the UI since then, but our customers still cite ease of use as the thing they appreciate most about Nimway. Its clean, economical design and simple, intuitive commands mean that new users can get up and running right away without any training.

    Save time and energy, every day
    Nimway facilitates many otherwise frustrating or time-consuming tasks, like finding your way to a meeting room, locating a colleague, or finding a desk. It allows you to spend more energy on the things that really count.
    As the hybrid working style gains popularity, this is more important than ever. If employees are only attending the office part time, it’s vital that the time they spend there is as productive as possible. Features like Office Access, Parking Reservations and Desk Booking all help with this. What’s more, Nimway helps employees feel safe at work. Touch-free functionality on room panels and floor plans means that the only screens users need to touch are the ones on their own phones.

    Value for facility mangers
    Nimway collects and analyses office occupancy data, allowing you to drill down from an office overview all the way to an individual desk. You can also see, for example, the discrepancies between room bookings and actual room usage. Nimway provides valuable, unbiased data to inform your space planning and ensure you get the most out of every square meter available.

    Hassle-free installation and upgrades
    When you choose Nimway, our team takes care of everything from design to installation, commissioning, monitoring and support. Requiring minimal attention, the system is hassle-free for business owners and guarantees a great user experience for employees. If you want to start small, we can design and set up a software-only Nimway solution that’s adapted to your workplace. It’s easy to upgrade and install Nimway hardware later

    Sustainability Statement

    As an early adopter of science-based environmental targets, Sony understands the immense challenge posed by climate change. We have committed to reducing our own environmental footprint to zero by 2050 and are developing technologies to support other businesses on their journey towards a more sustainable future.

    The Sony site where Nimway is based has received ISO14001 environmental and sustainability certification. The Nimway solution has received the ISO9001 certification (quality management standard) and the ISO27001 certification (information security standard).

    When implemented at our customers’ sites, Nimway can contribute to a more sustainable workplace. With features to support hybrid working, it helps employees ensure that no trip to the office is ever wasted. Secondly, Nimway enables the optimization of your office space, so you can minimize the energy spent on heating, cooling, lighting etc. and even avoid the emissions and resource use associated with new builds.

    Health and Wellness Attributes

    Nimway promotes health and wellbeing in both direct and indirect ways.

    During the pandemic, Nimway delivered direct health benefits by supporting companies with the implementation of social distancing policies and better cleaning routines. Now, as many employees return to work on a more flexible basis (perhaps working from home 2-3 days per week) features like Office Access, Desk Booking and Parking Reservations help keep occupancy levels within safe limits.

    In ‘normal’ times, customers report that using Nimway helps foster a more stimulating, less frustrating working environment, which benefits the user’s health indirectly.

    By reducing the micro-stresses involved in everyday office tasks like finding a desk, colleague, or meeting room, Sony’s solution raises overall workplace morale and ensures that everyone’s time can be spent productively. Moreover, features like spontaneous booking of meetings promote creativity and collaboration between departments.

    Key Features
    • Office access – plan which days you’re going to the office (helps FMs control occupancy levels)
    • Parking – book a spot in the parking lot before you leave home
    • Desk booking – book a place to sit in advance, or on the fly
    • Room booking – find and book a meeting room from the app, or directly on room panels
    • Find a colleague – see where your colleagues are (an opt-in feature that protects the user’s privacy)
    • Wayfinding – simple and intuitive office navigation
    • Nimbubbles – info pops up automatically on the digital floor plan to show where your next meeting is
    • Analytics – get detailed occupancy data to support the optimization of office space. For example, see peak occupancy times or compare room bookings against actual usage.
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