Smartway2 Meeting Room and Desk Booking Systems


    Smartway2’s Meeting Room Booking Software is accelerating the world’s transition to smarter ways of working by designing, building, selling, and servicing technology platforms that deliver an ever-improving workplace experience in a hybrid working world.

    The tools created enable forward-thinking organizations to adopt a data-driven approach to optimizing their workplaces and spaces and all the facilities within them, from conference rooms and parking to equipment, catering, and classes.

    Smartway2 doesn’t just enable people to book everything they need for a productive day’s work, in advance – it’s so flexible that you can customize and optimize your employee experience, control building occupancy, and report on utilization.

    Make collaboration as frictionless as possible, by enabling people to find a colleague they want to collaborate with and book a desk or space nearby. Smartway2 integrates seamlessly with Outlook and Teams, as well as sensors, visitor management, and access control systems, for a seamless experience.

    Smartway2’s email and in-app notifications take team communications up a gear. Notifications are customizable, so you can easily tailor the tone to suit your brand, meaning you’ll never miss a meeting again. The product also includes a flexible reporting engine, keeping everyone informed with a range of interactive reports, both static and real-time.

    With Smartway2, you won’t even need a system administrator. Once your set-up is configured, it takes care of itself. Your data is backed up automatically, and leavers and joiners are managed invisibly via our integration with Active Directory. What’s more, since no software is required on your local machines, even hardware changes have no effect on the booking system. Smartway2 is also very easy to use. With just a few clicks, you can define your own workflows and configure your own rules. As a result, you’ll find your office starts running like clockwork – no training required.

    In addition to the Smartway2 Meeting Room displays, you may wish to deploy real-time updatable signage around your building like a list of Current meetings in reception, available meeting rooms in the lift or lobby, or even a display of catering orders in your pantry area. Smartway2 will automatically update any HTML page of your choice, so you have the ability to create your own pages, featuring items such as news feeds, video content, or weather forecast alongside your meeting room data.

    Sustainability Statement

    30% of meeting rooms are going to waste due to ‘no-shows’, costing thousands of dollars and a misuse of resources. With Smartway2’s unique ‘Smart Room Recovery’ capability, you can eliminate this problem for good.

    Smartway2 helps organizations to implement hybrid working and improve space utilization, enabling a reduction in carbon footprint and energy usage.

    Health and Wellness Attributes

    By booking desks and rooms ahead of time, whilst handling all the details at the touch of a button, employees can save time and effort – boosting their overall workplace wellbeing.

    Smartway2 enables organizations to transform the way they utilize space, from implementing hybrid working to office neighborhoods. That way people can enjoy greater autonomy, flexibility, and a frictionless experience that’s continuously improving to better serve their needs and inspire their best work.

    Key Features
    • Hosts and attendees can check in to meetings via smartphone, swipe card, or room panel.
    • Search for the right room by location, capacity, equipment, room layout options, and more; you can search for people too, with our ‘find a colleague’ feature.
    • Manage services like catering and equipment, or define your own using customizable approvals and smart notifications to manage Facilities, Catering, and IT workflow.
    • Automatically add set-up and break-down time, with notifications sent to your front-of-house team.
    • Define notifications for any event from confirmations, check-in reminders, reservation changes, or alerts from Facilities.
    • Set up reminders for meeting organizers, giving them the option to cancel unwanted bookings directly via email or in-app message.
    • Make bookings from any device through our mobile app or integrate the software with Outlook, Office 365 and Skype for Business.
    • Our flexible reporting engine keeps everyone informed with a range of interactive reports, both static and real-time.
    Buyer Information
    Starts from $300 p/year
    Buyer Information
    Lead Time
    Can be up and running in days
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