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Rex Miller

Rex Miller is a renowned expert in optimizing human and team performance, strategic foresight, and organizational transformation. With over 20 years as a consultant and coach, he has authored six Wiley books and received numerous accolades, including the CoreNet Global Innovator Award, the Industry Excellence Award, and IFMA's Distinguished Author Award.

WTF is Happening to the Office: Episode 1 Part 2 with Rex Miller

In part two of his conversation, Rex stresses the importance of why leadership needs to adapt to the changing business landscape by looking both inward and outward. Learn about the new skills managers must develop to be better equipped to handle the social and emotional needs of their teams. 

WTF is Happening to Office: Episode 1 Part 1 with Rex Miller

Author and futurist, Rex Miller, explores how the pandemic disrupted the contract between employees and employers, causing people to reassess what they want from their work lives. Check out this conversation with Rex as he explains why and how companies need to help employees reacclimate and recondition themselves to these changes.

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