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Glossary of integrated facilities management and workplace terms

Karina Wright
December 1st, 2020

It is important that all stakeholders in a facilities management department understand the capabilities of the software or equipment that could potentially be implemented.

OfficeSpace’s easy-to-use tools and advanced solutions help companies manage the workforce of today, keeping employees safely engaged and productive while in the workplace. 

In this article, we are pleased to introduce the new OfficeSpace glossary. Know your workplace, from activity-based working to workplace management: this glossary encompasses integrated facilities management and workplace terms related to our software and industry.


Let’s take a look at some terms that have recently been trending:

activity-based working

Activity-based working

What is activity-based working (ABW)? An activity-based workplace or workspace (ABW) is a space within an office that directly reflects the work. Activity-based workspaces encourage movement throughout the workday and can affect major improvements to employee productivity, engagement, and job satisfaction.

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Block and stack planning

What is block and stack planning? Block and stack planning technology refers to a set of digital tools that encompasses all of the software, web applications, and other tools that are core parts of an operation. Stack Plans help workplace managers improve space utilization with block and stack technology, which allows FMs to quickly reorganize departments and teams to create better seating configurations in minutes.

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Dynamic workplace

What is a dynamic workplace? A dynamic workplace includes furniture and collaborative spaces that can easily be reconfigured to meet the company’s current needs. But what makes a workplace truly dynamic is the technology and tools that power it, which should fit a company’s unique needs. This workplace model is flexible to accommodate specific precautions without compromising on productivity.

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Integrated facilities management (IFM)

What is integrated facilities management? Integrated facilities management is the professional management of one or more buildings, where the focus is on consolidating many (or all) office related services and processes.

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room booking

Room booking

What is room booking? Room booking provides the ability for employees to book a room for meetings or to work in. Also referred to as room scheduling software, good room booking allows employees to easily find the right room for their needs and book it on the spot.

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Space utilization

What is space utilization? Space utilization is the amount of utilized space in an office. Knowing an office’s space utilization information provides insight to facilities managers into habits that are shaping a workspace. Space utilization tracking is a useful resource that can pinpoint data on where people gather.

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Workplace distancing

What is workplace distancing? Workplace distancing refers to maintaining a physical distance of 6 feet (2 meters) from employee to employee within a workplace or office environment.

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Workplace management

What is workplace management? Workplace management refers to the management of everything within a facility, including assets, services, technology, and procedures.

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For a full look at all the integrated facilities management and workplace terms that you need to know, head to our Workplace & Facility Management Glossary, which is also included in our Resource Hub


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