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employee wellbeing

WTF is Happening to the Office: Episode 1 Part 2 with Rex Miller

In part two of his conversation, Rex stresses the importance of why leadership needs to adapt to the changing business landscape by looking both inward and outward. Learn about the new skills managers must develop to be better equipped to handle the social and emotional needs of their teams. 

WTF is Happening to Office: Episode 1 Part 1 with Rex Miller

Author and futurist, Rex Miller, explores how the pandemic disrupted the contract between employees and employers, causing people to reassess what they want from their work lives. Check out this conversation with Rex as he explains why and how companies need to help employees reacclimate and recondition themselves to these changes.

An All-Encompassing View of Workplace Health

Jane Bamford and Amanda Cronick of Duda|Paine discuss how to create healthy hybrid spaces as we return to work.

Return To Work: How to be The Hero During a Mass Disaster [Pt 2]

Join us for the second in a series of three video interviews on the importance of mental health support https://youtu.be/v9qaUmhaHfA This NEW workbook serves as a...

[Advanced Preview] Return to Work: A Leader’s Guide To Avoiding The Mental Health Crisis

Work Design Magazine is hosting a VERY IMPORTANT series of 20-minute video interviews with Rex Miller and Dr. Jeffrey Jernigan. This three part video...

5 Tips for Managing Workplace Disruption During the COVID-19 Pandemic

JLL's Bernice Boucher shares some tips for ensuring employees have the tools and support they need to be productive, effective and connected while working remotely.

This Parisian Healthcare Office Takes Employee Wellbeing To The Next Level

When Atelier du Pont designed a new office building for Santé Publique France, the French public healthcare agency, employee wellbeing was top of mind. 

Higher Productivity Out Of Thin Air

An investment in air quality health now will pay ongoing dividends in productivity and overall well-being.

Tips for Designing Wellness Spaces at Work

There's no doubt that wellness spaces are important. Tonya Dybdahl shares some helpful tips for how to effectively implement them in the workplace. 

Connecting People to Nature Within the Corporate Office

How can leaders create the positive effects of nature within the urban environments in which reside many of the leading global businesses? The average worker...

Avoid the Bait and Switch: How to Leverage Place in Attracting Top Talent

Great talent is in high demand. Everything counts in differentiating a company from its competitors and place is one of the most powerful levers it has. So, don’t fall into a bait and switch mentality.

Celebrating Florence Knoll and How She Invented the Modern Office, and Other Industry News

Celebrating the life of Florence Knoll, a brilliant architect who popularized modernism in America, Marie Kondo shows us how to tidy a desk, and more news.

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