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Expert Insights

Diverse Voices & Powerful Narratives in the Workplace

Beth Novitsky of Gensler explores three ways to tell a more inclusive story in the workplace. 

DEI Should be the Cornerstone of Your Workplace Strategy

Hassan Shaikh explores why DEI is crucial to the workplace strategy of any modern organization. 

AI Solutions Won’t Solve Workplace Well-Being Woes

Laura Putnam shares why companies may not want to invest in AI-solutions to solve workplace well-being issues and what to do instead.

Integrating Hospitality Concepts to Harmonize Comfort and Productivity in the Modern Workplace

Tamala Herd of Bridge Commercial Real Estate shares how the workplace - like hospitality - can provide a welcoming, destination-style environment that champions connectivity and community for all users. 

Lessons Learned from the Coworking Revolution

Ted Laatz of SUCCESS Space shares four key coworking advancements for traditional workspaces to implement.

How AI is Transforming Workplace Architecture and Design

Gensler's Christian Lehmkuhl explores how AI is redefining employee experience and bolstering the future of work.

Designing the Law Office of the Future

Deborah Nemeth of SmithGroup shares how inspiration from higher education and hospitality can help inform the next evolution of the law office.

Designing the “Right-Sized” Office

Scott Colson and Diane Chilangwa of HGA share how their firm is using their own space as a test case for defining the right-sized office.

What the Workplace Can Learn From Broadcast Studio Design

Peter Provost of Provost Studio explores why your office needs a broadcast studio. 

Design as a Lever for Change: 4 Configurations for Diversity and Growth

The physical environment should drive people to do things better. Javier Mosquera of 3g Office explores how design can serve as a lever for change.

Rolling Out the Welcome Mat at Work

Sydney Moeller and Marilyn Russell of Baker Barrios Architects explore how the hospitality sector is influencing office design.

How Design in Education is Shaping Workplaces of the Future 

Stantec's Jennifer Grafton and Stephanie Wood share what workplace design can learn from education environments. 

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