HUSH by Ultrafabrics


    Inspire a fresh start with a curated selection of fourteen white and off-white fabrics that express the full power of this calming and dynamic neutral.

    White can easily shapeshift to match whatever mood your customers seek to create. Cool or creamy. Soft or striking. White can create a sense of relaxation, peace, and balance — no matter where we are.

    We’ve intentionally selected materials that balance visual appeal and comfort with flexible functionality. Stains and sun discoloration are no longer reasons to shy away from white. High style and low effort co-exist thanks to our offering of functional solutions. Always easy to maintain, the curated selection within Hush offers options with enhanced ink & stain resistance, antimicrobial, or UV protection, so you can confidently add white to any setting.

    Sustainability Statement

    Ultrafabrics proudly provides our customers with sophisticated fabrics that offer a high performing and sustainable alternative to animal-based products. Our innovative materials conserve resources and protect the wellbeing of people and the planet, while meeting the demands of comfort and durability.

    We believe there is beauty in balance, and you should never compromise on performance, comfort, or sustainability. It’s this perspective that has inspired our work since our inception in 1999. Our goal is to lead the industry by creating innovative materials that protect and conserve our greatest resources while stewarding industry-wide change in social and environmental responsibility.

    We recognize that achieving true sustainability may require technical and material solutions that do not yet exist, and we authentically share our journey. Our strategy focuses on core areas where Ultrafabrics has both the greatest opportunity and responsibility to drive positive impact.

    Health and Wellness Attributes

    Ultrafabrics are future-focused and cruelty-free. Our performance materials are environmentally conscious, concerned with the long-term impact on our present and future lifestyle. We are constantly evolving with the emergence of new innovations for intelligent surface solutions and meet a wide range of certifications. All Ultrafabrics materials are included in the mindfulMATERIALS library. All Ultrafabrics, except the Uf Select range, are SCS Indoor Advantage Gold Certified. And we proudly offer a selection of materials that support Health Care Without Harm and Practice Greenhealth goals to make it easier for hospitals to select furnishing and textiles that meet health care Without Harm Healthy Interiors criteria.

    Key Features

    – High style and low effort co-exist with our easy-to-clean, bleach cleanable performance fabrics
    – Searching for responsible upgrade to leather: Ultraleather Ermine, Ultraleather White
    – Want a material with enhance breathability or acoustical benefits: Brisa White, Fresco Coconut, Spectra Eggshell
    – Creating a space that must endure sun, water, and other elements: Coast Snow Cap, Coast Beacon, Pumice White Shore
    – Need a material that’s resistant to the toughest stains: Ultraleather Pro Salt, Ultraleather Pro Whitewash
    – Feel like adding extra protection against germs and other microbes: Promessa Snow
    – Need something with textural dimension: Lino White Marigold, Montage White Marble, Impasto Ice Storm

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    Japan and Mexico
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