Envoy Desks


    Envoy Desks is an easy-to-use hot desking tool for hybrid workplaces. For employees, Desks makes it easy to book a desk for the day or in advance, right from their phone or a web browser. Employees have the flexibility to choose where to sit, depending on what they need to get done that day. They’re automatically assigned a desk when they sign in for the day, or they can select a different seat from the interactive map in the app.

    For employers, Desks offers a simple way to ensure teams can collaborate in person while keeping a safe distance. Envoy Desks is designed to support flexibility, especially as capacity and social distancing guidelines are changing. Desks analytics can help optimize workplace layouts by reconfiguring unused space, ultimately reducing the workplace footprint and lowering real estate costs. Analytics can also be used by after-hours cleaning crews to know which spaces to sanitize.

    Sustainability Statement

    Envoy Desks helps workplace teams make the most efficient use of their space. Get an accurate view of who and how many people plan to work on-site each day so you can right-size your layout to support your employees and minimize wasted space. Allow employees to free up desks for someone else to use if they don’t need a desk that day. Encourage employees to check in to their desks via the Envoy app so you can ensure no space is wasted.

    Health and Wellness Attributes

    Desks work best with Envoy Protect. You determine who can work on-site and what desks are available based on your office’s capacity and social distancing guidelines. Desks is designed to support flexibility, especially as local guidelines change. This way you can ensure that each desk that’s reserved is a safe distance away from other employees.

    Key Features
    • Desk booking
    • Free up unused spaces
    • Space booking restrictions and admin controls
    • Seat assignments and charts
    • Space usage data and analytics
    • Analytics export capabilities
    • Workplace maps and floor plans
    • Space management
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