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Ryan Anderson

Ryan Anderson serves as Vice President of Global Research and Insights at MillerKnoll. His team leads MillerKnoll’s research efforts in partnership with a wide variety of global collaborators and is active in sharing insights gained from that research with organizations across the world. With nearly thirty years of industry experience, Ryan’s work has centered on how the places we inhabit can be better designed and managed to support positive, productive experiences. Ryan hosts MillerKnoll’s Looking Forward podcast on the future of work, regularly speaks at public events about MillerKnoll’s historical and current research, and in addition to writing for Work Design, has been featured in wide variety of publications such as The Wall Street Journal, NPR, the BBC, Fortune, Bloomberg and beyond.

WTF is Happening to the Office: Episode 2 Part 2 with Ryan Anderson

Many companies are starting to move away from the traditional office set-up in favor of spaces that promote collaboration and socialization. Ryan explores why the key to creating new workspaces is to focus on the activities and experiences that the space needs to support, rather than simply trying to replicate what already exists.

WTF is Happening to the Office: Episode 2 Part 1 with Ryan Anderson

Ryan Anderson believes that traditional office design is no longer suitable for the current workforce. With the rise of remote work and demand for flexibility, businesses need to rethink how they use their office spaces. Our focus must shift to what employees need to be successful, rather than just providing spaces for leaders to supervise work. 

How Will We View Today’s Transformation Of The Workplace In Twenty Years?

Ryan Anderson of MillerKnoll explores how and why the workplace is transforming to become what employees want it to be.

Rising to a New Standard for the Future Workplace

Herman Miller's VP of Global Research and Insights, Ryan Anderson, shares his predictions for the future of work and the workplace.

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