Editorial Calendar 2023

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Happy, Healthy Workplaces

What if we could design environments where people feel energized when they leave? How can we create and sustain places that support the mental and physical health of employees? What kinds of policies, enhancements, and changes would we need?

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Evolving Roles in Workplace Design

The pandemic created a wave of change in our industry that we are still seeing the effects of today. How have roles in workplace design changed and evolved since? Was it for the best or the worst? What should they be going forward?

MARCH 2023

The Digital Workplace and the Metaverse

Is the Metaverse the future of work or just a fad? How is your organization using digital workspaces tools to their advantage? We want to know what you think.

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APRIL 2023

Sustainable Futures

How are your design efforts supporting the wellbeing of people and the planet? What new material advancements, emerging technologies, ESG efforts, and circularity tactics are you using to achieve a sustainable future? 

MAY 2023

Exploring Alternate Workspaces

From coworking, to third spaces, to home offices, to satellite offices, how have you and your organization utilized alternate workspaces? Share your insight on how to create the best versions of these spaces.

Special Feature: Outdoor Workspaces

JUNE 2023

What Can The Workplace Learn From Other Industries?

Lines are blurring across home and work, and across industries. What ideas and inspiration can the workplace take from others? 

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JULY 2023

Design for All – Neurodiversity and DEI

We want to know about how you’re designing to accomidate all different types of people to ensure everyone is comfortable and productive at work. 


Designing Gen Z 

Gen Zers are tech-savvy, independent, and different than any generation before. How are you adapting spaces for their arrival?

Special feature: Focus on Fulton


How AI Is Changing the Workplace

Weigh in on what’s ahead as AI compels organizations to rethink, well, almost everything. How is your industry using AI?

Special Feature: Next Work Environment Competition Winners


Is ROC (Return on Commute) the new ROI?

How are you enhancing your workplace experience and create spaces that people want to commute to?


The Future of Commercial Real Estate

The global CRE industry faces uncertainty. We want to know how you think leaders should navigate the future.

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2024 Trends

Insights from workplace industry experts from around the world + forecasts of emerging themes and trends for 2024.



All contributors are required to review our editorial guidelines prior to submission.