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    Meet your employees where they are with a digital workplace experience that simplifies all aspects of hybrid work. ModoWorkplace streamlines space booking – and so much more; centralizing all of the information and tools people need to work in the office and anywhere. 

    Location- and persona-aware, Modo Workplace delivers a relevant experience to every individual, empowering them to quickly book desks, equipment and spaces, sync schedules with colleagues, file service tickets, access transit and dining options, manage visitors, engage socially, monitor their progress and more –  all within a single, elegant digital experience. 

    The Modo low-code platform powers desk reservations for Goldman Sachs, Okta, Schneider Electric, GE and other digital transformation leaders.

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    Health and Wellness Attributes

    Modo Workplace includes features to keep employees safe, reduce the anxiety of returning, and motivate healthy behaviors:

    • Return to the office with confidence – by taking virtual tours of the new experience before arriving, indoor and outdoor wayfinding for the best routes, performing health self assessments, and through personalized/location-based notifications
    • Stay healthy – beyond easy access to wellness services and health related workplace amenities, the app enables employees with secure symptom self-reporting, wellness monitoring, health attestations, touchless entry, sanitization requests, the ability to locate PPE and more
    • Maintain social distance – through building and floor cleaning status and floorplans, reserving safe workstations, and via quick polls and nudges to motivate healthy behaviors and visibility into density of common areas
    • Remain informed and safe – with location-based updates and mobile alerts relevant by persona, easy access to policies and protocols, safety contacts, help request ticketing, and food/dining and transit options
    Key Features
    • Fast reservation of spaces, desks, parking, meals and more 
    • Sync in-office schedules and seating with colleagues and friends
    • Out-of-the-box integrations for, Jira, Office 365, Slack, EMS and more
    • Health assessments, density checks, and touchless mobile entry
    • Communicate with localized alerts triggered by beacons and geofencing
    • Conduct surveys and polls for feedback
    • Streamlined management of staff staggering and service provisioning
    • Opt-in affinity groups, challenges, social sharing and more
    • Virtual meeting spaces for coffee or gamification
    • Motivate with progress-to-goals dashboards 
    • Automatic release of no-show bookings to optimize space
    • Interactive wayfinding and virtual tours
    • Onboard employees in-office or remotely
    • Deliver in-app reminders to nudge behaviors
    • Accelerated Adoption: Pre-built features on top of a fully managed infrastructure let you launch and pivot quickly while infinite customization and integrations mean you can keep using your existing booking systems and/or manage it all through the Modo platform.
    • A Centralized Approach: Unifies the entire workplace experience in one seamless app – there’s no need to download different tools or learn multiple interfaces. It’s all in one place.
    Buyer Information
    Modo Workplace is licensed using a subscription model based on the number of employees. Contact Modo for more information and a detailed quote for your company.
    Buyer Information
    Lead Time
    Up and running in weeks, with the power to scale and customize as quickly as you want to.
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