Rendezvous: Desk Booking by NFS Technology


    The world of work is changing – fast. Keep ahead with Rendezvous – a leading solution for today’s hybrid workplace connecting all aspects of space utilization and booking.

    Easy to use

    With one easy to use interface staff can locate, book and check in to desk and meeting space using a highly intuitive mobile app. Even complex multi-location and multi-time zone video conferences can be scheduled in seconds – ideal for distributed teams. Integration with Outlook, Teams and Zoom ensures everyone is on the same schedule.

    Features such as floorplan booking and find a colleague are designed with today’s hybrid worker in mind. With a few taps staff can check their colleague’s location and can make a decision to meet face to face or on a video call as appropriate.

    Safety in mind

    Rendezvous is designed to help keep you safe. Desks can be blocked out to ensure social distancing measures are adhered to and extra cleaning time is built in to every desk or meeting room booking – one less item on your busy schedule to think about.

    Checking in and out of desks is touch free with a choice of QR code, RFID or mobile device check in/out. Full integration with visitor management software ensures that guests and staff alike are kept 100% safe.

    Optimize your space

    With a wealth of utilization data and the option to use integrated occupancy sensors you can build up an accurate and detailed picture of exactly how your space is being used.

    Future decisions on space utilization can be made quickly safe in the knowledge that you have the data to back them up – no more guesswork.

    Connect your workplace

    With an eye to the future, Rendezvous is designed using an open API architecture. This means it works with leading digital signage solutions, occupancy sensors, desk panels, access control and building information systems to ensure that you get the maximum return on your investment in hardware and software and that the solution is fully tailored to your needs.

    Key Features
    • Mobile-first – designed for today’s agile worker with an easy-to-use touchscreen interface
    • Easy to implement – cloud and app-based, implementation is straightforward
    • Cost-effective – available on a monthly contract
    • Saves time – all attendees are updated in Outlook automatically
    • Drives decision-making – a wealth of utilization data at your fingertips
    • Flexible – integrates with several hardware and software platforms
    • Designed for today’s workplace – all the tools you need for a successful hybrid strategy
    • Help when you need it – our friendly support team are available 24/7
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