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Marie Williams


Integrating Lighting Into Our Connected World

Thanks to industry developments, we now have a wide range of lighting systems at our fingertips. In particular, the tiny size of systems such as LEDs and OLEDs allow the designer to put light wherever it is really needed and simply leave it out where it is unnecessary.

Where You Do Your Work Doesn’t Matter Anymore

The internet, video conferencing, and cloud-based networks all enable us to have interactions and to share information with people halfway around the world -- or simply across the room. Location has, in many instances, become a non-factor in how we connect with people.

Inside DC’s Affinity Lab

Affinity Lab is its own microcosm. Its sense of community and coworking culture is so strong that an outsider (like me) who was simply passing by for thirty minutes could understand it. I was really taken with how this community just kind of formed of its own accord.

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