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WTF is Happening to the Office?

WTF is Happening to the Office: Episode 3 Part 2 with Larissa Conte

Larissa believes that designing spaces and organizational structures with consideration for the 30 types of power at work can provide a guide for a vibrant and healthy work environment. Find out what designers and workplace strategists must consider to create environments that promote creativity, well-being, and productivity.

WTF is Happening to the Office: Episode 3 Part 1 with Larissa Conte

Larissa Conte says the pandemic has brought to light many tensions that previously went unnoticed, allowing organizations to consciously consider what is and is not working. By defining power as the capacity to move energy through systems, companies can evolve and create change across all levels.

WTF is Happening to the Office: Episode 2 Part 2 with Ryan Anderson

Many companies are starting to move away from the traditional office set-up in favor of spaces that promote collaboration and socialization. Ryan explores why the key to creating new workspaces is to focus on the activities and experiences that the space needs to support, rather than simply trying to replicate what already exists.

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