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Industry News: What Workplaces Misunderstand About Neurodiversity

What the workplace is not getting right about neurodiversity, how the workplace became the star of TV, and more news.

Industry News: How Will Cities Deal With Falling Office Valuations?

Office occupancy rates could hurt city revenues, how climate change is challenging commercial real estate, and more news.

Industry News: The Radical Promise of Truly Flexible Work

Make work “fit” people, not the other way around, why commercial real estate is in trouble, and more news.

Industry News: What Happens to Real Estate if WeWork Goes Bankrupt?

WeWork's options are limited as they head towards bankruptcy, why employees need to take lunch breaks like the French, and more news.

Industry News: What’s the Buzz on Drones for Facility Management?

How to start an uncrewed aerial system (UAE) or drone program at your organization, how technology revolutionizes commercial real estate, and more news.

Industry News: Sustainability Is “Non-Negotiable” For Workers

Employees prefer companies that prioritize sustainability, flexible amenities are attracting employees back to office, and more news.

Industry News: 6 Top Designers Envision Barbie’s Dream House

Big-name designers create a new space for Barbie, wellbeing-focused workspaces could be the end of WFH, and more news.

Industry News: How Safe Is Your Office Air?

Occupants typically have little insight into their office air quality, how to design an effective chill room, and more news from around the web.

How A.I. Is Helping Architects Change Workplace Design

Architects are turning to AI for workplace solutions, technology companies are reducing their office footprint, and more news.

Industry News: 3 Steps To Evaluate Your Office Space Needs

How a workplace strategy can boost decision making, coworking spaces aren't going anywhere, and more news.

Industry News: Office Design in the Era of Gen Z, AI, and the Metaverse

How the hybrid office is evolving in the era of artificial intelligence, Gen Z, and the metaverse, the biggest R.T.O. perk of all is the people, and more news.

Industry News: Remote Corporate Workers Are Having More Fun

Are shared offices the future of coworking, how some commercial space owners are getting creative to save their buildings and businesses, and more news.

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