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Industry News: What Workplaces Misunderstand About Neurodiversity

What the workplace is not getting right about neurodiversity, how the workplace became the star of TV, and more news.

Industry News: Will the Hybrid Office Ever Feel Like Home?

Employees may never have a desk that feels like ‘theirs’ again, employers should take individual workers’ personalities into account in workspace design + more.

Industry News: Detoxifying The New Workspace

How to prevent and detoxify pandemic resentment, the future of the office is pivoting from work to people, and more news.

Industry News: Outdoor workspaces are having a post-pandemic moment

Many companies are emphasizing their fresh-air digs, how hybrid work has changed the purpose of the office, and more news.

Industry News: WeWork Is Back From The Dead

WeWork is finding a way back into the coworking space via hybrid contraptions, the new normal is looking more like old normal, and more news.

The Most Requested Amenities for Team Offices, And Other Industry News

The office amenities teams search for the most, how acoustic pods are mitigating workplace burnout, and more news from around the web.

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