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Take a Tour of McCarter & English’s Law Offices Redesigned By FCA

FCA renovated McCarter & English's Newark headquarters comprised of five full office floors just feet away from Newark Penn Station.

There is No “One Size Fits All” Solution to Design

Erica Fitts of FCA explores how offering choice and variety in an office plan can help all employees feel welcome.

Take A Tour Of Fox Rothschild’s Seattle Offices By FCA

FCA created a reimagined, resized space that serves as a veritable oasis for Fox Rothschild LLP team members returning to the physical office.

Return to the Office Campus

FCA's Steven Stainbrook explains why it is time to return to the corporate campus—not the office. 

FCA Creates A Progressive New HQ for Fox Rothschild Washington D.C.

The 18,700-sqft Fox Rothschild LLP remodel by FCA was influenced by residential and hospitality design, establishing a new standard for contemporary legal office spaces.

FCA Designs A Cutting Edge Flexible Workspace For GSK

The new GSK Office features unassigned seating as well as a variety of settings to accommodate various individual modes of working.

The Hybrid Workplace: How is it Measured and What is the New Basis for Data?

Ann Hoffman of FCA shares tips for measuring the hybrid workplace and the new performance metrics we should consider.   

The Crucial Role of Furniture in Hybrid Workplace Design

FCA's Ann Hoffman shares the news rules to follow when designing and selecting furniture for the hybrid workplace. 

The New Workplace Formula: Positivity, Mindfulness, Community, Vibrancy, Identity and Purpose

Ann Hoffman of FCA explores why positivity, mindfulness, community, vibrancy, identity and purpose create a winning formula for the new workplace.

2022 Workplace Trends: The New Receptionist

John Campbell of FCA shares why the new receptionist is a necessity for a fresh take on the workplace in 2022. 

Predicting the Unpredictable: How to Prepare for the Return to the Office

FCA's John Campbell shares how we can prepare ourselves and our offices for the return to the workplace.

WD Flex Recap – Creating a Safe and Healthy Work Environment

A recap of week 2 of WD Flex: Back to the Office featuring Jessica Cooper, Kim Pexton, Kevin Cahill, and John Campbell.

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