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Step Inside Varagon’s New Office Designed By Spectorgroup

Varagon's NYC office features a balance of a polished and tailored with exposed and raw to create a space with an industrial feel and a sense of refinement.

Resimercial Design Balances Comfort and Sustainability in the Office

Spectorgroup’s Dexter Tinapay and Steven South share a few ways to incorporate elements of home into the office to promote productivity and a healthier workplace.

Designing a Workplace with an Authentic Connection to Brand Values

Spectorgroup's Sara Agrest explains how an honest connection to brand values benefits staff retention, recruitment, and the evolution of the workplace as a whole.

Designing Healthy Workplaces That Foster Employee Happiness

What is the key to a healthy, happy workplace? Lauren Gardner and Steven South of Spectorgroup take a look at why environments that make employees feel at home and included are vital.  

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