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Announcing our newest partnership: OfficeSpace and SenzoLive

David Spence
August 27th, 2019

We’re excited to announce our partnership with SenzoLive, a global leader in occupancy analytics and workplace sensor technology.

We integrated with SenzoLive to help you take advantage of free addressing. But this partnership will also give you access to a range of powerful live occupancy data and insights that can help improve space utilization, engage employees, and transform the workplace.

Here’s everything you need to know about this integration, including the benefits it can bring to your organization.

“Corporations throughout the world only use 50% of their real estate. We help them accurately understand their usage and help companies do more with what they have.” — James, Co-Founder, SenzoLive

Future proof your workplace with OfficeSpace and SenzoLive

Real estate is typically an organization’s second largest expense, but space is rarely used to its full capacity in the workplace. Our integration with SenzoLive solves this problem.

SenzoLive helps you optimize your real estate through real-time occupancy data, by using sensors to monitor how your workspace is being used. And OfficeSpace gives you the tools and reports you need to optimize and transform the workplace.

Used together, SenzoLive and OfficeSpace deliver a powerful combination of real-time data, actionable insights, and workplace management tools. It’s the perfect solution for companies that want to leverage free addressing, improve space usage, and enhance the employee experience.

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What is free addressing and how does it work?

Here’s how free addressing works

Let’s say that your workforce experiences rapid growth and you need to find desks for a group of new employees. The only problem is that:

  • Your facility is already close to full capacity
  • You now have 1.5 employees for every available desk
  • Your Facilities team doesn’t have the time to manually manage and approve shared desk bookings

This is where free addressing comes in handy.

Free addressing desks use sensors to track availability

Technically, free addressing desks are “shared desks”. But unlike “hot desks”, there’s a sensor installed in each free addressing desk. This sensor tracks when the desk is available or occupied. And this information is reflected anonymously in your workplace management software (like OfficeSpace!).

Seat status displays in real time

Employees can search for an available free addressing desk via Visual Directory® (that’s what we call our interactive floor plan tool—check it out here).

  • Available (green): seat is available and ready to use
  • Standby (yellow): seat is currently in-use but the employee is not physically at the desk
  • Occupied (red): seat is in-use and the employee is sitting at the desk

Visual Directory® works wherever your employees do, on mobile, desktop, and touchscreen kiosk devices. Sensor presence detection is always anonymous. And seat availability updates in real time (meaning a seat will display as “Available” the moment it’s free).

If a sensor detects that a desk hasn’t been used in a while, it will automatically free up the desk. You can decide when a seat should be freed up by adjusting the time frame with SenzoLive.

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The benefits of free addressing and live occupancy data

As employees become even more connected and mobile than ever before, and as your organization grows, you’ll reach a point where you need to customize your space to accommodate an array of employee needs, working styles, and workplace setups.

This is where sensor technology, free addressing, and a sophisticated IWMS like OfficeSpace will help.

Organizations typically start to need live occupancy data and free addressing when they want to:

  • Maximize occupancy and real estate usage
  • Fix a shortage of workspaces
  • Understand why some workspaces are underused
  • Decide whether to stay in an existing space or expand to a new location
  • Optimize their existing workplace configuration
  • Sublet areas, floors, or even entire buildings
  • Improve change management processes
  • Increase energy efficiencies when integrating with live occupancy data

The combination of IWMS software and workplace sensors will show you exactly how your space is being used and make your utilization data easy to understand. 

You can make quick, high-impact decisions (like setting up Free Addressing) that enhance productivity, maximize space usage, and accommodate all of your employees’ needs.

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Live occupancy data takes the guesswork out of workplace optimization

Beyond free addressing, you can also access a range of other benefits thanks to our partnership with SenzoLive.

Take the guesswork out of change in the workplace

Should you migrate from a 2:1 or 3:1 employee-to-desk ratio? You’ll be better placed to make these decisions with the workplace usage data that SenzoLive and OfficeSpace will collect for you over time.

SenzoLive reporting gives you average and peak utilization stats, from common areas down to individual desks. View a live heat map of space utilization throughout your organization and get live stats that are meaningful to your employees and your team.


With SenzoLive and OfficeSpace working hard in the background, you’ll have accurate real-time data on hand to make informed decisions that improve the way space is—and should be—used.

The ability to constantly monitor and optimize space utilization with the data from SenzoLive greatly amplifies the value of OfficeSpace to any organization.

Enhance energy efficiency

Connect SenzoLive to your Building Automation System (BAS) and the system’s live occupancy data can automatically deactivate anything that is consuming energy in a space that isn’t in use.

With SenzoLive, you can turn off entire floor facilities based on low-occupancy days by directing workspace users to fill up specific areas. Neat, huh?

Improve focus, productivity, and collaboration

If you’ve ever used industry research to create the “perfect” workplace setup, you probably noticed that industry trends don’t necessarily fit the needs of individuals and how they best work. With the data provided by SenzoLive and OfficeSpace, you’ll be able to create workspaces that cater for the needs of individual employees, departments, and teamwork.

In additional, actionable insights and real-time data delivered in easy-to-read reports can act as a starting point for negotiation that helps leaders create effective, long-lasting change in the workplace.

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