How the Office Will Change

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Michelle Weiss
Michelle Weiss
Michelle Weiss is our Publisher. She came to us fresh from earning her small business MBA helping to start Make It Better Media, a philanthropy-based digital and print media company in Chicago’s North Shore. Prior to that, she cut her chops in the old Chicago Sun-Times Building back when you would know you’d missed your deadline when the building started shaking each evening as they fired up the presses. She’s based in a suburb of Chicago.

In October of 2021, the Workplace Evolutionaries met in Kissimmee, Florida as part of IFMA’s World Workplace. Much of the conversation revolved around the many challenges of getting people back to the office. A few experts from around the world shared their thoughts about how the office would change and what the hybrid office would look like as we move forward. They address:

  • How Will The Office Change?
  • What Are The Priorities with the Return to the Workplace?
  • How Does the Office Provide Value?

All of the participants anticipated much change as things evolve and people start to return. This video captures their insights on third spaces, collaboration, brand, culture, the office as an event space, and what they predict will change.

If you hear something of particular interest, please feel free to connect with them:

Peter Ankerstjerne, Planon

Suzette Baker, Montaw

Robyn Kaiser, UnitedHealth Group

Melissa Marsh, Plastarc

Rex Miller, Go mindSHIFT

Kate North, Savills Studley

Zoé Payne, Envoy

Mike Petrusky, iOFFICE + Space IQ

Sabrina Tang, IAdea

Celeste Tell, Advanced Workplace Associates (AWA)

John Vivadelli, AgilQuest


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