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Inger Bartlett

Inger launched Bartlett & Associates in 1983 and leads each and every B|A project to this day. She believes the most successful design solutions emerge when diverse perspectives and skillsets come together and she runs her open studio accordingly. Before striking out on her own, Inger led interior projects with one of Canada’s major banks. That experience combined with her education (a Fine Arts degree from the University of Western Ontario and a Bachelor of Interior Design from the University of Manitoba’s Faculty of Architecture) to inform the holistic approach that she applies to all her interior projects.

Creating a Modern Office that Gen Z – and Everyone Else – Will Want to Work In

Inger Bartlett of Bartlett & Associates explores why designing an office space that is appealing to all generations is integral to a company’s success and employee satisfaction.

2023 Trends: Creating Places for Privacy in the Collaborative Office

Inger Bartlett of Bartlett & Associates explores why the office landscape needs to change in order to accommodate the working styles and preferences of employees.

Designing for the Next Generation

Attracting Gen Z to the office will take considered design moves that still feel familiar to older generations while offering a new sense of dynamism and energy. 

2022 Workplace Trends: Reinventing the Office Lobby

Bartlett & Associates president Inger Bartlett thinks the path to a brighter, greener future lies in the office lobby.

Inviting Nature into the Workplace

Bartlett & Associates' Inger Bartlett shares ideas for designing healthy and calming workplaces that take cues from the natural world

The Future of Work is Flexible

The post-pandemic world invites designers to push the envelope on Agile Design principles – creating positive change for employers and employees alike.

The Pandemic Pay-Off

Splitting our working hours between home and a more efficient, effectively designed collaboration hub could be the key to achieving a better relationship with our professional lives.

10 Things that Will Inform Post-Vaccine Workspace Design

Inger Bartlett shares lessons learned from the past year and the top 10 concepts influencing office projects in the very near future.

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