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M Moser

The 2023 Next Work Environment Competition: Shortlist of Finalists

Congratulations to all of the Future Shapers who entered cycle 4 of our Innovation Competition. Hundreds of entries later, our jurors have narrowed the...

4 Topics To Consider When Designing Workplaces for Gen Z

M Moser's Michelle Smith explores some of the new trends to consider implementing as Gen Z enters the workplace.

M Moser Gives Lidl a New UK Workspace to Support Growth

M Moser Associates helped Lidl consolidate its people and real estate in a new 250,000 sqft UK workspace. 

Workplace Design Roles Are Evolving To Help Clients Find Their Way

M Moser's Steve Gale shares why the future of work may turn out to be different, and why we need new skills to design the next generation of workplaces.

2023 Trends: Let Data Light The Way 

M Moser's Steve Gale discusses how organizations can use data to build better, keep staff happy, and exploit the opportunities in ESG reporting.  

Okta’s New HQ Transforms Their Use Of Physical Space Around The World

Okta’s San Francisco pilot office by M Moser explores a dynamic environment that serves as home bases for remote working employees to come together, collaborate and ideate while maintaining independence.

Nutanix Shows Off Their Personality Through An Energetic Sydney Office

Nutanix's vibrant workplace by M Moser expresses the company’s fun, energetic, and innovative personality while honoring the region's diverse heritage.

Rejecting Perfection: The Business Case For Flexible Workspace Design

M Moser's Frances Gain introduces the permanent-beta design approach and explains why the workplace of the future will never be finished.

M Moser Associates’ NYC Office Reshapes Work in their Living Lab

M Moser Associates gets a new office packed with technological innovations that reshaped the way their employees work after several years of preparation.

Workplace Week New York City 2019

A recap Advanced Workplace Associates' (AWA) Workplace Week New York which showcases innovative offices with all proceeds go to charity.

Connecting People to Nature Within the Corporate Office

How can leaders create the positive effects of nature within the urban environments in which reside many of the leading global businesses? The average worker...

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