Consolidated facility services: Recap Of Covid 19

Nick Mason
July 29th, 2020

No matter where your company is on its timeline to return to the office, it’s essential to have resources you can trust at the ready.

Over the last few months, our team has created a resource hub to help facility management teams navigate the COVID-19 pandemic. We’ve consolidated all those posts in this resource guide, so you can easily refer back whenever you need it. 


Working remotely during a pandemic

How to adapt your workplace in the coronavirus pandemic

The coronavirus caused a significant disruption in how people work across the globe. Many companies were able to transition to working remotely. However, many companies couldn’t work remotely and had to resort to rigorous in-office safety precautions. This article provides advice on how to adapt your workplace to the pandemic per your company’s unique situation.

work from home

The future of work: working from home vs. working from the office

After COVID-19: returning to the workplace in a post-coronavirus world

Now that many are choosing to transition back to in-office operations, safety is the top priority. Here’s how to ensure the transition to the physical office is as safe as possible—and stays that way. 

COVID-19: Balancing between WFH and office time during the coronavirus

Working either at home and in the office during a pandemic comes with unique challenges and stressors. At home, employees are juggling family life and trying to work productively, among other things. While at the office, employees may be concerned with their safety and the safety of others they come in contact with daily. This article provides tips on how to make this balance easier for employees. 

COVID-19: Why the Future of Work is WFH

Will working remotely be the new norm long after the COVID-19 pandemic is eradicated? Kate Lister, the President of Global Workplace Analytics, shares her thoughts on the future of work in a COVID-19 world.  

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Safety in the workplace

COVID-19: The benefits of health screenings in the workplace

In addition to other health and safety precautions companies are implementing to make for a safer transition back to the office, health screenings could be another impactful tool. This article makes a case for regular company-wide health screenings and how they could prevent the spread of the virus in offices everywhere. 

COVID-19: HVAC guidelines for healthy office buildings

Due to what we know about how the coronavirus spreads, a clean, properly functioning HVAC system is vital for a healthy workplace. We’re sharing how facility managers can assess a building’s health and its HVAC system in this article. 

COVID-19: PPE and personal safety in the workplace

Personal protective equipment (PPE) is an essential component of a safe workplace during a pandemic. This article breaks down the importance of PPE, how facility managers can source PPE for all employees, and more important information. 


COVID-19: FM Strategies to implement for physical distancing at work

To make the transition back to the workplace as safe as possible (and less stressful) for all employees, we’re sharing a few ways to ensure physical distancing. From desks and meeting rooms to bathrooms and shared spaces, keeping employees at a distance is vital for mitigating the spread of COVID-19. 

COVID-19: FM Strategies to stop workplace spread of the coronavirus

A major part of a facility manager’s job is to ensure the office is a safe environment for work and growth for employees. Now, with the coronavirus pandemic, it’s more important than ever to create a healthy workplace. In this post, our team shares a few ways facility managers can make the office safe from COVID-19.

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Lessons learned

COVID-19: Client survey results for how companies are reopening offices

All across the world, companies vary in how and when they choose to open their office doors to employees. To gain insight into this variance, we surveyed 100 companies to see how they were planning to approach working in the physical office again. 

COVID-19: Lessons learned from office reopenings

Our COVID-19 panel discussion on office reopenings brought many insights on this delicate topic to light. From in-office logistics and technology to employee wellbeing and communication, here are some of the biggest takeaways from companies who have reopened. 

COVID-19: How global workplace leaders are safely returning employees

Looking closely at how workplaces across the world have transitioned employees safely back into the office can help you put together your plan. In this COVID-19 panel discussion, we asked several global workplace leaders how they approached this change. 


COVID-19: 5 lessons from the return back to the office in Asian markets

Asian countries were some of the first of the global workforce to return to the office. To create a safe work environment for employees, many Asian companies emphasize physical distancing, PPE, and more. This article details the lessons that can be learned from the reopening of Asian markets. 

COVID-19: Things to consider when transitioning back into the office

There are several factors at play to create a safe workplace environment for employees during a pandemic. Melissa Marsh, Founder and Executive Director at PLASTARC, shared with us her thoughts on how companies can safely transition back into the physical office while keeping everyone safe. 

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Returning to the office: managing occupancy

COVID-19: Working in shifts: days vs. weeks

To help keep employees apart per physical distancing requirements, the idea of shift work has become a popular solution for companies. With shift work, facility managers can keep occupancy low without compromising on efficiency. But what’s the best way to approach this method? This article weighs the differences between breaking shifts up into days versus weeks. 

How to manage limited occupancy in shared meeting spaces

Managing common spaces, like meeting rooms, is another obstacle facility managers and employees alike must navigate due to COVID-19. In this post, we share a few ways facility managers can approach safe meeting room use and management. 

COVID-19: Managing small and common spaces at the office

In addition to meeting rooms, there are several other shared spaces facility managers need to consider when planning for an office reopen. This article covers the main shared spaces within a building and how facility managers can prepare those spaces for employee return. 

small spaces

Returning to the office: leveraging technology

COVID-19: How to maintain workplace distancing with desk booking software

Keeping employees at least six feet away from each other—otherwise known as workplace distancing—is standard practice due to the coronavirus pandemic. But how can companies ensure employees are far enough apart? Desk booking software can help make this possible (and more manageable). 

COVID-19: Leveraging sensor technology in a post-coronavirus workplace

Sensor technology has been helping facility managers optimize office buildings long before COVID-19 struck the world. Amid the pandemic, sensor technology has proven to be a valuable asset in mitigating the virus’s spread within the office. This post discusses how sensors can do just that from HVAC maintenance to in-office physical distancing and more. 

COVID-19: How to use OfficeSpace to manage the COVID-19 workplace

In the wake of COVID-19, we’ve seen how difficult it can be for facility managers to plan for workplace distancing—among other occupational changes. We’ve created a Distancing Planner, which makes it easier to visualize and implement a safe seating plan across your building. This post includes everything you need to know about getting started with this new tool. 


Communication and risk management

COVID-19: How to communicate and build confidence in your organization

Communication is a critical part of any successful company, but it’s especially crucial during these times. In this article, we share several ways on how to build better communication within your organization, and as a result, a stronger company culture.

COVID-19: How to mitigate workplace liability and financial loss

With new risks due to the coronavirus come new liabilities for organizations to face. We spoke with Jeffrey Goldman, the COO of BeyondHQ and a renowned workplace operations leader, about how companies should prepare for workplace liability situations resulting from COVID-19.

COVID-19: The importance of a legal compliance strategy during a pandemic

Keeping employees safe as they return to the physical office is one critical part of the job of a facility manager, but what about risk management or a legal compliance strategy? In this article, we discuss the importance of having a COVID-19 risk management plan and how your team can create one. 

COVID-19: Preserving employee experience during the crisis

There’s no question that COVID-19 has taken a mental toll on people far and wide. Productivity levels have decreased, and many employees have experienced the disconnect that can come with remote work. So how can companies maintain a positive employee experience? This article covers a few ways facility managers can help. 


Adapt your workplace based on its unique needs

As we learn more about COVID-19, it’s essential to take the precautions necessary for your organization’s individual needs, especially because guidelines evolve and procedures change. Some advice might not be suitable for all companies depending on the size or industry.


Keeping employees safe—whether in the office or at home—should always be the priority. 

How has your company adapted to working during the pandemic? Leave a comment below or send us a tweet.