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Gen Z’s Impact on the Workplace: Tech-Enabled and Collaborative

JLL's Sanjay Rishi takes a look at how meeting Gen Z's social and digital-first needs will bring value to the workplace.

Keep The Empathy And The Talent With Human-Centric Design

Cynthia Kantor of JLL Work Dynamics shares how leading companies are building resilience with workplaces designed for employee wellbeing.

3 Steps To Build A Three-Dimensional Hybrid Workplace

When implementing modern tools for a hybrid workplace, policies should be established to cover who has access to the metaverse, how it will be used and the type of data collected.

2023 Trends: The Regenerative Workplace

During 2023, JLL's Peter Miscovich says leading organizations will embrace a powerful, refreshing new concept: the Regenerative Workplace.

Take A Tour Of JLL’s Minneapolis Offices Designed By NELSON Worldwide

JLL’s new Downtown Minneapolis office by NELSON Worldwide features stellar views and hidden brand moments.

Power to the People: The Human-Centric Workplace

JLL Consulting's Peter Miscovich explores how to create successful human-centric hybrid workplace programs.

Industry News: Breaking Down the Architecture Of Haunted Houses

The architecture and design details of haunted houses from 5 classic films, office amenities that will make employees want to return, and more.

JLL’s The Whole Experience – Winners In The Amenities & Experiences Category

Meet the JLL Experience/Spaces team and their winning 'The Whole Experience' submission in the Amenities & Experiences category.

2022 Next Work Environment Competition: Honorable Mentions

Honoring some of the very best submissions to our 2022 Next Work Environment Competition.   This year's submissions brought a superior level of ideas which led...

How Commercial Real Estate Can Master The Art Of Data

By learning how to access key information, Allwork.Space says every workspace business can have insight into space usage and optimization.

Industry News: Gen Z is here. Should the design industry care?

Is the design industry ready for Gen Z, what's going to happen to all those empty office buildings, and more news.

Hacker Gives First Tech A Space To Promote Employee Health and Happiness

Hacker placed special emphasis on creating equal access to natural light and views to the outside from every workstation at First Tech Federal Credit Union.

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