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Generation Z

Gen Z’s Impact on the Workplace: Tech-Enabled and Collaborative

JLL's Sanjay Rishi takes a look at how meeting Gen Z's social and digital-first needs will bring value to the workplace.

4 Topics To Consider When Designing Workplaces for Gen Z

M Moser's Michelle Smith explores some of the new trends to consider implementing as Gen Z enters the workplace.

Modern Strategies for Gen Z-Centric Workplace Design

RDC's Itzel Meynard explores how to adapt physical office spaces to be geared towards Gen Z while preserving their authenticity.

Adapting Workspaces For the Next Generation

Alex Kerr of Kerr Office Group shares 5 principles to help attract and engage Gen Z.

The Future of Work: Generation Z, Office Design and Human Connection

Megan Skaalen and Emily Morris of SmithGroup explore how we can keep Gen Z engaged and wanting to come back to the office with good design.

Can Current Workplace Strategy Deliver Workplaces That Attract Gen Z?

Hassan Shaikh explores some fundamental elements to consider when it comes to developing the workplace for Gen Z. 

How Workplace Design Can Help Attract Gen Z

To attract Gen Z, Salma Siddiqi of AURA explores how and why companies must evolve to meet the needs of the growing workforce.

The Hybrid Post-Pandemic Workplace: Preparing the Workforce for Change

As we return to work, offices must change not only how they look, but how they accommodate a diverse hybrid workforce.

A Gen Z-er’s Take on Preparing Your Workplace for the Next Generation

Much speculation has been made about how Gen Z will embrace the workplace, so Ted Moudis' Kate Wieczorek asked a Gen Z-er to share her unique insights, and what they expect from their employers.

Workplace of the Future: Designing to Recruit Top Talent

Interface's Chip DeGrace explains why companies need to design spaces that are representative of the diverse job functions that reside in a given workplace in order to recruit and retain top talent.

The Bids for Amazon HQ2 are Getting More Competitive, Microsoft’s Plans to Overhaul Their Washington Campus, and Other Industry News

Find out just how competitive the bids for Amazon HQ2 are getting, learn more about Microsoft's big plans for overhaul of their Washington campus, and more!

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