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Future of work

Gen Z’s Impact on the Workplace: Tech-Enabled and Collaborative

JLL's Sanjay Rishi takes a look at how meeting Gen Z's social and digital-first needs will bring value to the workplace.

The Death Of Full-Time In-Office Work

Allwork.Space says it's time to accept that full-time in-office work is dying. Companies adopting flexible practices will lead the future.

Modern Strategies for Gen Z-Centric Workplace Design

RDC's Itzel Meynard explores how to adapt physical office spaces to be geared towards Gen Z while preserving their authenticity.

5 Ways Workplaces and Workplace Designers are Adapting to Gen Z

Now that Gen Z makes up a sizeable portion of the workforce, RSP’s Shanti Okawa explains five major ways they’re making their mark on the corporate workplace.

The AI Revolution Liberating Workers From The Office

AI is a productivity powerhouse that can free remote workers from the shackles of repetitive tasks, allowing them to focus on higher-value activities.

Are We Losing Sight of How To Build a Better Workplace?

In the amenity arms race, the Perkins Eastman Design Strategy team shares a few ideas to build a better workplace.

Workplace Evolutionaries (WE): Converge @ World Work Place 2023 • Denver

Join WE September 26th at the Gensler Offices in Denver, for an Intimate Dialogue on Shaping the Future of Urban Work Spaces!

The Role of The Office in 2023 and Beyond

To design the office of the future, Jodi Williams and Susan Soehnlen of Arcadis share the four ways we must imagine it. 

How AI is Transforming Workplace Architecture and Design

Gensler's Christian Lehmkuhl explores how AI is redefining employee experience and bolstering the future of work.

Climate Quitting And 7 More Reasons Your Company Needs More Sustainable Practices

Corporate environmental policies may be hurting recruitment as younger workers prioritize combating climate change.

What the Workplace Can Learn From Broadcast Studio Design

Peter Provost of Provost Studio explores why your office needs a broadcast studio. 

The Fusion Office: Hospitality, Residential and Retail-Inspired Workplaces

RSP designer Katie Engelby RID, LEED AP explains the hospitality, residential and retail influences that are changing the workplace and what it means for the future of the office.

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