Data Tide by Mohawk Group


    Data Tide, an innovative collection of modular carpet planks by Mohawk Group seeks to explore the symbiotic relationship between nature and data through the visualization of water.

    Mohawk Group’s design team used data sets from environmental studies of greenhouse gases to create biophilic patterns through a custom-built data visualization tool. With this graphic interpretation of the data, the collection celebrates the positive ecological influence of Blue Carbon capture.

    Sustainability Statement

    Data Tide is one part of Mohawk Group’s larger sustainability effort, The Waterways Project. This project highlights new products, technologies and initiatives to give back to and restore the living rivers that sustain life. The Waterways Project features collections designed to foster a symbiotic relationship with rivers and workspaces, encouraging respect for and protection of water ecosystems. The project’s designers and engineers seek to develop products that are healthy and free of toxins, socially responsible and respectful of worker’s rights, and positively impact the environment. 

    Key Features

    Available in eight colorways, Data Tide’s 12”x36” modular carpet planks feature gradations that flow from light to dark in order to mimic transitioning waters. The collection’s color tones also reference back to estuaries, helping to infuse nature’s beauty throughout any space.

    Data Tide can be paired seamlessly with Mohawk Group’s full portfolio of soft and resilient flooring as well as finishing accessories. For instance, the collection works together with hard surface products like Large and Local Wood’s 4.5mm LVT, offering a worry-free solution with design flexibility and superior performance. 

    Buyer Information
    Low to mid $20s per SY
    Buyer Information
    Where it is manufactured?
    Glasgow, VA
    Buyer Information
    Lead Time
    6-8 weeks
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