Crossing Current by Mohawk Group


    Mohawk Group’s Crossing Current explores the interconnecting power of nature with a biophilic design that recreates the natural beauty found in sediments along riverbanks and throughout riverbeds. The collection references the nutrient-rich sediment of the Hyporheic zone — the part of the river that supports the ecosystem through natural filtration.

    Sustainability Statement

    As part of Mohawk Group’s The Waterways Project, Crossing Current encourages respect for and protection of water ecosystems.

    Key Features

    Available in eight colorways, Crossing Current features subtle color washes that pay tribute to the mesmerizing natural palette found in the riverbed. Crossing Current’s Filtering Form is an overall texture that simulates the distribution of water and sediment while Refined Pass is a larger scale pattern that retraces the flow of the current and the exchange of nutrients in the river.

    Crossing Current is designed for both beauty and performance. At the confluence of the Maury and James rivers in Glasgow, Virginia, Mohawk Group creates these 24” x 24” modular carpet tiles at its Living Site facility using its ColorStrand ®   solution-dyed nylon fiber and dematerialized EcoFlex™ Matrix backing.

    This collection can be paired seamlessly with a variety of flooring solutions, such as Living Local Stonework and Elemental Edges, and is available through Mohawk Group’s QuickShip and Ready to Ship programs. Budget-friendly, easy to install and Living Product certified, Crossing Current is designed to complement a wide range of interior spaces.

    Buyer Information
    Mid to high teens per SY
    Buyer Information
    Where it is manufactured?
    Glasgow, VA
    Buyer Information
    Lead Time
    Quickship, 2 weeks