Manille by Extremis


    Just like the strategic card game it’s named after, Manille embraces traditions, smart moves and maximizing options. From a cozy setting of four to a sprawling table for a large group, Manille is sure to pull the right card with outdoor lovers across the globe.

    Sustainability Statement

    This outdoor table is designed to reduce transport volumes and minimize waste in logistics.

    Key Features

    Extremis once again reinvents a way to shade. Choose from two options: the first, a removable fabric system that creates an intimate cocoon whenever you need it, or raise the roof with a low maintenance fixed shade, a more permanent solution to create a cozy corner at work, in the garden or at the park without the hassle. The benches also feature:

    • An uncluttered look
    • Endless modularity by connecting multiple tables side by side
    • The intuitive shade system forms an intimate cocoon that is damage safe
    • The transport volume of Manille is ridiculously limited.
    • Tabletop: Hellwood – Thermal treated European Ash sourced close by the Belgian
    • Frame: galvanized steel frame
    • Legs: structured powder coated stainless steel




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