Path™ by Humanscale®

    path chair in home workspace

    The Path chair from Humanscale, the leading designer and manufacturer of ergonomic products that improve the health and comfort of work life.

    The World’s Most Sustainable and Ergonomically Advanced Task Chair for Every Body

    A revolution in everyday work seating, Path combines integrated ergonomic support with a customizable aesthetic to fit any work environment. Products are engineered to simplify complexity. No matter where you work, Path seamlessly adapts to meet your needs.

    Sustainability Statement

    The world’s most sustainable task chair yet, Path is setting a new standard for sustainability in the furniture industry.

    Made from nearly 22 lbs of recycled content including ocean plastic, post-consumer plastic bottles, and post-industrial material, every component of the chair except for the screws was designed and engineered by Humanscale.

    Key Features

    Developed using the laws of physics, The Gravity MechanismTM automatically adjusts recline support to each user, no bulky levers or knobs needed.

    To complete the ergonomic design, the development of FormSense Eco KnitTM was executed. A mesh-like textile where each stitch is individually controlled and creates patterns with targeted zones of tension helps create a beautiful and beautifully responsive experience.


    Humanscale tests chairs beyond industry standard to ensure that chairs look like new after 10 years.

      • The seats, back and arms are replaceable without the need to discard the entire chair.
      • Unlike other brands, Humanscale does not use glue in upholstery process so their fabrics won’t delaminate or wrinkle over time.
      • Humanscale uses greaseless cylinders to ensure that dirt and grit doesn’t build up and compromise the performance of the chair.

    Most chairs only consider an overall target at the 50th percentile average weight of all genders. Path has a unique weight compensation mechanism. This means that 95% of the population can sit comfortably on the chair. Humanscale considers everyone and every body when designing seating.

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