NORTH1 by proroll GmbH


    With the NORTH1 seat mechanism, we have developed a mechanism for chairs that consists of a completely closed aluminum housing. This offers a high level of protection against trapping, as there are no open areas. At the same time, the seat mechanism can be cleaned more easily and is therefore also suitable for the medical sector. The mechanism has been manufactured in such a way that it is the right solution for almost all areas. It can be used as a mechanism for office chairs as well as for chairs in a huge warehouse. We have developed the closed aluminum housing in such a way that there is no possibility of jamming your fingers. Inside of the aluminum housing of our self-developed seat mechanism sits a time-honored technology that works perfectly. The slat technology is responsible for the inclination of the seat and the backrests. In addition to the excellent seat mechanism, we have also developed the matching seat and backrest. The seat has no disturbing seams and is almost made of one piece. The seat and backrest always closes tightly to the mechanism, so there are no clamping points here either where the user could hurt oneself.


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    Sustainability Statement

    The NORTH1 is made out of 100% aluminum which means that we are not mixing any other materials into it during the production. The result is light weight product that is corrosion resistant and 100% recyclable. During production, it is more cost-effective to use recycled metal than prime metal out of the ground and so, during the production, as much recycled material is used as possible.

    Health and Wellness Attributes

    The idea behind the NORTH1 was to create an edgeless seat mechanism that is easy to clean, light weight, sustainable in production and easy to use. This seat mechanism does not just support a healthy seating position. It always gives you that clean feeling because dirt, dust, oils, skin particles or bacteria won’t find a “hidden” place to stay.

    Key Features
    • clear shape
    • no sharp edges
    • easy to clean
    • universally applicable
    • individually adjustable
    • light weight
    • use it intuitively
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